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Spanish League 2023-2024

Methuselahs! The regional leagues have already begun, and as a result, we now have players in the Spanish league 23-24 rankings.

Spanish league? Is this something new? Yes, it is!

You can check the league rules here, but I’ll provide a brief summary of the essentials. This year, we have 7 regional leagues: Andalusia, Levante, Mallorca, Northeast League, Northwest League, Madrid, and Catalonia. The princes of each region have proposed a tournament schedule for this season, and BCP has blessed us with promo cards for the leagues. For now, the princes already know about the first five promos, which will be distributed during the first five rounds of the leagues (in some leagues with fewer rounds, there may be two promos in one tournament, so no worries, all cards will reach the entire territory).

So, the tournaments in each round of each regional league will contribute to the Spanish league ranking (which you can check here). But this year, we’ve added an exciting rule: the points you earn in tournaments played away from ‘home’ will be multiplied the farther you have traveled! (Check the rules for more details).

Furthermore, there will be a promo that won’t be distributed during any league round; you can only obtain it by participating in a tournament from another regional league. So, there’s no excuse to stay at home anymore!

We would like to express our gratitude to the wonderful group of volunteers from Asturias who will take care of the daily maintenance of the rankings. You can get more information by asking your prince!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that the winner of the league will hold the title of Spanish Archon until the end of the next league, in addition to the exclusive prize, which we won’t reveal for now.”

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Become a vtes judge (Spain)

Welcome, Methuselahs.

Are you an expert in Vampire: The Eternal Struggle? Would you like to become a game judge and demonstrate that the rules and their interactions don’t scare you? Then keep reading because we’ll tell you about the new Vampire: The Eternal Struggle judge card.

If you’re an experienced player of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle and are interested in helping others learn the game, becoming a judge is an excellent way to do so. The judge card is an official document in Spain that certifies you as an expert in the game and qualifies you to direct and supervise tournaments and events.

How can you obtain the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle judge card? Well, there’s a test-style exam that will be held in Seville on March 25, after the national tournament. Anyone can take the exam, but previous experience playing the game is recommended. Candidates must have a good understanding of the rules of the game and demonstrate an ability to resolve interactions that can sometimes be more complicated than they appear.

The test-style exam will cover a variety of topics related to the game, including the rules, fair play, and tournament rules, among others. Candidates will have a limited time to complete the exam, so there won’t be much time to hesitate. In addition, the use of any digital device to consult will not be allowed, as all necessary material will be provided at the beginning of the test.

Once you pass the exam, you’ll receive your official Vampire: The Eternal Struggle judge card. This card won’t force you to arbitrate anything you don’t want to, but it will let other players know that you’re an expert in the game and that your opinion can be taken into account regarding VTES rules.

To register for the call, all you have to do is send an email with your name, VEKN number, and game city to On Wednesday, March 22, those who register will be confirmed to have a spot for the exam. Both registration and exam results will be confidential, so no one who is qualified should be afraid to try for fear of failing.

In summary, if you’re an experienced player of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle and are interested in helping others learn and enjoy the game, consider taking the exam to obtain your official judge card. It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of VTES and be part of the exciting card game community in the world of darkness!

UPDATE march, 14:
The test will be done after or during the final game, it will be decided in situ.
The test will be composed by 100 questions and you will need 80 correct answers to pass it.
Time limit will be 120 minutes.
External documentation and electronic devices will not be allowed during the test.

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One day one deck nº13: Typhonic Ghende

Good morning Matusalenes!

Ghede’s deck is, according to ‘my opinion’, a lower level deck in comparition with what we have been showing you so far. It is a multirush deck based mainly on the Typhonic Beast card and the best vampire to play it: Ghede.

The typhonic beast is played during the previous phase and gives us [be] +1 strength for the entire fight, [pot + be] prevention of 1 damage each round, [POT + SER] a prey for the current round. All these effects are cumulative. The card has a cost of one blood.

Ghede, has POT and SER (among others), a visit from basis and also cost one less the combat card. That translates into using as many typhonic as it takes to knock anyone out. It usually requires an immortal grapple so that others do not run away from combat.

The best way to deal with this fight is based on maneuvering and trying not to get caught at close. Ghede ‘alone’ usually has the maneuvers of Make the Misere, Shadow Boxing, Swallowed by the night, Slam, Form of the serpent, Unfliching Persistence … to return to close combat and staple us against the wall.

One of the deficiencies of the deck is that it is Ghede-dependent, as its partners are not usually at the same level. Only Setempenre and Shemti keep up, more or less.

Today, in addition, I leave you an unusual list for Ghede’s deck, but I have a lot of fun when it works. If you want the classic version of the deck, you can check the version of the mythical Hugh Angseesing in the secretlibrary, here.

 Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=1 max=10 avg=6.)
 4x Anarch Convert                1 -none-                   Caitiff:ANY
 5x Ghede                         10 FOR OBF POT PRE SER      Follower of Set:6
 3x Ogwon                         7 for OBF PRE SER          Follower of Set:5
 Library: 90 cards
 Master (19 cards)
 5x Eternals of Sirius, The
 3x Fame
 1x Giant's Blood
 1x Leadership Vacuum
 1x Archon Investigation
 1x Monster
 5x Villein
 2x Wider View
 Action (15 cards)
 1x Ambush
 1x Form of Corruption
 2x Harass
 2x Heroic Might
 2x Make the Misere
 2x Preternatural Strength
 1x Big Game
 3x Bum's Rush
 1x Charge of the Buffalo
 Action Modifier (8 cards)
 1x Enkil Cog
 7x Freak Drive
 Action Modifier/Combat (5 cards)
 1x Form of the Serpent
 4x Swallowed by the Night
 Combat (38 cards)
 7x Immortal Grapple
 3x Taste of Vitae
 4x Trap
 18x Typhonic Beast
 2x Unflinching Persistence
 1x Cobra Fangs
 3x Disarm
 Ally (1 cards)
 1x Saatet-ta
 Equipment (4 cards)
 4x Eye of Hazimel

Tomorrow I will talk to you about Malkavian ’94. Greetings to all.

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One day one deck nº12: Khazar’s Diary

Good morning dear readers!

What is promised is debt and today we will talk about Khazar’s Diary’s deck!

The “Khazar’s” deck is based on the homonymous Khazar’s Diary. It is a stealth action that requires Giovanni clan. When playing it, a counter is added to a Khazar that was already at stake and if that is not possible, the card is put into play. Whenever a single minion is burned, a counter is added to the newspaper. As long as a Khazar is in play has 7 or more counters, the vampires of the Giovanni clan gain Superior Necromancy and as a stealth action, they can return any minion of any graveyard to the game to represent a wraith ally with two life, one of bleed and one stealth (zero force).

The deck is obviously based on exploiting the Khazar’s Diary and trying to get those seven counters as soon as possible so that they can bring as many allies into the game and kill our crush prey.

In general, we achieved that by playing with many small vampires of the Giovanni clan, who are dedicated to playing many unique allies and many diaries. We will not hesitate to sacrifice allies without regard, to add more counters (then we will recycle them).

Apart from the khazar’s diary, the cards we can expect in this deck are the Unmasking and the FBI Special Affairs Division, the Giovanni allies (Gianna, Giula, Leonardo, Tye …), the other good allies (Ossian, Carlton, Impudulu … ). Then there are other packs that are usually added to taste: Embraces and there is my favorite version, the anarchist with Cry Wolf (and some Piper). Delayings and deflections to survive.

Here I leave my list of my deck of Khazar’s, although some time ago that I do not play, you could use to see the idea:

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 4, Max: 16, Avg: 2,33)
 1  Marciana Giovanni                  dom            2  Giovanni
   1  Paul DiCarlo                       pot            2  Giovanni
   1  Rudolfo Giovanni                   NEC            3  Giovanni
   1  Lia Milliner                       dom nec        3  Giovanni
   1  Gloria Giovanni                    nec DOM        4  Giovanni
   1  Chas Giovanni Tello                DOM POT        4  Giovanni
   1  Isabel Giovanni                    pot DOM NEC    5  Giovanni
   5  Anarch Convert                     -none-         1  Caitiff
 Library: (80 cards)
 Master (16 cards)
   1  Anarch Railroad
   1  Creepshow Casino
   1  Garibaldi-Meucci Museum
   1  Humanitas
   2  Parthenon, The
   1  Pentex(TM) Subversion
   6  Piper
   1  Powerbase: Cape Verde
   1  Powerbase: Los Angeles
   1  Seattle Committee
 Action (15 cards)
   4  Embrace, The
   7  Khazar's Diary (Endless Night)
   4  Sudario Refraction
 Action Modifier (3 cards)
   3  Call of the Hungry Dead
 Reaction (12 cards)
   5  Deflection
   2  Delaying Tactics
   5  On the Qui Vive
 Combat (9 cards)
   4  Concealed Weapon
   2  Lucky Blow
   3  Target Vitals
 Ally (15 cards)
   1  Carlton Van Wyk
   8  Cry Wolf
   1  Gianna di Canneto
   2  Giulia Giovanni Abruzzina
   1  Leonardo, Mortician
   1  Ossian
   1  Tye Cooper
 Equipment (5 cards)
   5  Wooden Stake
 Event (3 cards)
   1  FBI Special Affairs Division
   2  Unmasking, The
 Combo (2 cards)
   2  Spectral Divination

Tomorrow we will continue with Ghede’s deck and his Typhonic Beast!

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One day one deck nº11: Nosferatu Royale

This deck is based on Nosferatu princes and justicares (which are cheap in terms of capacity). The classic version of the deck plays with groups 1 and 2 (Nikolaus, Calebros, Selma, Sheldon and even Murat) although the version of groups 2-3 can also be seen by the tables (how good is Cock Robin!).

This deck follows a somewhat particular dynamic due to its peculiarities. This is a deck based on traditions and policies. The strong point is obfuscation, which allows you to pass over most intercept decks without disheveled. As a main weakness it is quite blind to bleed (it only has second traditions) and none of its disciplines can deflect. Of course we could add intercept of animalism, but the deck is not about that. Another problem is that we have to pass the voting only with the votes of our vampires (we can help ourselves with the animal magnetism and the legendary vampire for that).

In general we will be interested in taking out many vampires (and surviving on the road!). Nikolaus’s special ability comes to us luxury and that is why the first one should be taken out. Then we can use the fourth tradition to accelerate that. If we are doing well, we may be able to play parity to our prey in order to continue influencing. Fifth tradition to fill us. For everything else, KRCard.

With regard to combat, there are decks that play with a lot of POT and / or ANI and others that prefer to forget that to specialize in their own. (If we are not going to play combat, we can play third traditions to block possible visits that we want to make).

Here is the Nosferatu Royalty list:

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 24, Max: 39, Avg: 7,75)
 2  Calebros                           obf pot ANI    5  Nosferatu
   2  Casino Reeds                       cel dem ANI OBF POT9  Nosferatu
   3  Cock Robin                         aus for ANI OBF POT10 Nosferatu
   2  Murat                              ser OBF POT    7  Nosferatu
   3  Nikolaus Vermeulen                 ani for obf POT7  Nosferatu
 Library: (75 cards)
 Master (16 cards)
   1  Barrens, The
   1  Dreams of the Sphinx
   1  Giant's Blood
   1  Labyrinth, The
   3  Legendary Vampire
   1  Monastery of Shadows
   1  Pentex(TM) Subversion
   1  Warsaw Station
   6  Zillah's Valley
 Action (7 cards)
   4  Deep Song
   1  SchreckNET
   2  Tier of Souls
 Action Modifier (23 cards)
   4  Elder Impersonation
   3  Faceless Night
   3  Forgotten Labyrinth
   7  Freak Drive
   6  Lost in Crowds
 Political Action (13 cards)
   2  Conservative Agitation
   4  Kine Resources Contested
   7  Parity Shift
 Reaction (1 cards)
   1  Lost in Translation
 Combat (9 cards)
   3  Carrion Crows
   3  Terror Frenzy
   3  Thrown Gate
 Retainer (2 cards)
   1  J. S. Simmons, Esq.
   1  Tasha Morgan
 Event (1 cards)
   1  Bitter and Sweet Story, The
 Combo (3 cards)
   3  Swallowed by the Night

Tomorrow we will continue with the deck of Khazar’s Diary!

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One day one deck nº10: Enkidu Superstar

Enkidu Superstar’s deck is a deck of combat visits that with a bit of luck can decapitate the entire table in a few turns.

This deck is surely the one that I have played the most times until today, because although it is not a deck of the “best” that can be played at a competitive level, I have a lot of fun. I have a phrase for this deck: “Enkidu’s deck works very well until something goes wrong.”

The fundamental strategy of the deck is to visit everyone, usually your first predator and then as appropriate. Enkidu is a capacity 11 vampire with a built-in visit and +2 strength. For this deck, the issue of teams and retainers doesn’t matter to us.

If you are going to play the deck, you have to keep in mind that your game depends above all on Enkidu (or Matasuntha) in its absence. Everyone is going to want to stop you so it is important that you are able to show who is in charge at the table. An entombment or a sensory deprivation is usually the reason for the end of the game.

The combat of this monster is both simple and effective: it’s about hitting with Enkidu’s super hand. “Nothing before range, no maneuver, hand of 3, additional 3, psyche! And repeat until you kill.

In addition to the Enkidu visit, the deck has many visits and multiactions so we can almost certainly get where we set out. I recommend getting a little distracted during the beginning of the game, we must try to make others see us as a minor threat (not usually easy) to deposit their pool in the vampires.

If you play against this deck, there is a weak point that you should know, the strength to inferior of enkidu makes it only capable of multiactioning in successful actions since it uses Freak Drive, Forced March and Instantaneous Transformation. If you stop a visit it will be very difficult to return that same turn.

Next, my Enkidu Superstar list:

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=1 max=11 avg=6.2)
 4x Enkidu, The Noah              11 for ANI CEL OBF POT PRO  Gangrel antitribu:4
 4x Anarch Convert                1 -none-                   Caitiff:ANY
 1x Andre LeRoux                  3 aus                      Toreador:5
 2x Matasuntha                    10 ANI AUS CEL FOR PRO      Gangrel:5
 1x Andre the Manipulator         6 FOR PRO                  Gangrel:5
 Library: 90 cards
 Master (15 cards)
 2x Fame
 1x Fortitude
 1x Giant's Blood
 2x Golconda: Inner Peace
 1x Leadership Vacuum
 1x Monster
 1x Pentex(TM) Subversion
 1x Secure Haven
 1x Tension in the Ranks
 4x Villein
 Action (19 cards)
 1x Ambush
 2x Fleetness
 1x Harass
 2x Make the Misere
 2x Sense Death
 1x Shadow of the Beast
 3x Taunt the Caged Beast
 1x Big Game
 2x Bum's Rush
 1x Charge of the Buffalo
 3x Deep Song
 Action Modifier (12 cards)
 1x Enkil Cog
 3x Forced March
 4x Freak Drive
 4x Instantaneous Transformation
 Combat (43 cards)
 13x Psyche!
 4x Pursuit
 5x Taste of Vitae
 1x Blur
 2x Canine Horde
 2x Claws of the Dead
 13x Diversion
 3x Earth Meld
 Event (1 cards)
 1x Scourge of the Enochians
Note: when the change to Pentex is effective, it will be replaced by a Fame.

On Monday we will talk about deck Nosferatu Royaltie. Good weekend!

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One day one deck nº9: Goratrix blocker

Today I will tell you about the Goratrix block deck.

If by chance you are sitting playing a pachanga and curiosity has brought you here to see Goratrix in front or behind you … take a breath and ask for something to drink, that the thing is going long.

This deck is characterized by being sickly solid once it has passed the initial phase of the game. Goratrix’s special ability (draw 2R of blood per strike) means that this deck can dispense with most combat cards and can continue to pay the cards with blood cost (especially Rego Motus and Deflection).

The habitual companion of Goratrix “the weary one” is usually Omaya, “the heavy one”. Omaya has the AUSpex and the ANImalism that we will use to block to infinity and one of combat damage is prevented.

The usual thing in this deck is to play to wear the rest of the table intercepting everything that pool / blood / power. The intercept crads of the deck is the best in the game (Sense the savage way, Eyes of Argus, Read the winds, The Mole, etc …). You can expect at least 30-40 wakes in the deck.

The other key cards of the deck are quite evident (Govern, Conditioning, Deflection, Rego Motus …), accompanied by Enkil Cog, Army of Rats, Maggic of the Smith to equip with the classic Ruins of Ceoris that Goratrix likes so much , Guardian Angels and some Carrion – Canine Horde. Smiling Jack to fix the day.

A strategy that often accompanies this deck is anarchism, which gives us access to the Constant Revolution, the Mole and the deadly Anarch Revolt.

Here is my Goratrix list:

 Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 4, Max: 40, Avg: 5,91)
 4  Anarch Convert                     -none-         1  Caitiff
   1  Anastasz di Zagreb                 ani cel dom AUS THA8  Tremere
   1  Devin Bisley                       vic ANI AUS    5  Tzimisce
   4  Goratrix                           vic ANI AUS DOM THA10 Tremere Antitribu
   2  Omaya                              pro ANI AUS FOR7  Gangrel Antitribu
 Library: (90 cards)
 Master (20 cards)
   5  Anarch Revolt
   1  Bleeding the Vine
   1  Dreams of the Sphinx
   1  Erciyes Fragments, The
   1  Giant's Blood
   2  Guardian Angel
   2  Pentex(TM) Subversion
   1  Powerbase: Los Angeles
   1  Powerbase: Montreal
   1  Rack, The
   1  Smiling Jack, The Anarch
   3  Vessel
 Action (7 cards)
   1  Army of Rats
   1  Constant Revolution
   4  Magic of the Smith
   1  Rutor's Hand
 Action Modifier (1 cards)
   1  Enkil Cog
 Reaction (46 cards)
   6  Cats' Guidance
   6  Eagle's Sight
   2  Enhanced Senses
   8  Eyes of Argus
   5  Mole, The
   3  My Enemy's Enemy
   2  On the Qui Vive
   8  Sense the Savage Way
   6  Telepathic Misdirection
 Combat (10 cards)
   2  Canine Horde
   5  Carrion Crows
   3  Rego Motus
 Ally (1 cards)
   1  Mylan Horseed
 Equipment (5 cards)
   1  Bowl of Convergence
   1  Heart of Nizchetus
   1  Ivory Bow
   1  Kevlar Vest
   1  Ruins of Ceoris

Tomorrow we will continue with one of my favorite decks: Enkidu Superstar’s deck!

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One day one deck nº8: Weenie ANI

The deck we bring you today, the Animalism weenie is based on making many visits with smallcap vampires.

There are, as far as I know, three types of weenie animalism decks (and some odd little that deserves no mention). The main variants are with / without Nana Buruku and with / without anarchism.

In general the deck has no secret, many visits with Deep Song and Taunt the Caged Beast and animalism combat:
Conquer the beast, Terror Frenzy
Carrion Crows, Aid from bats, Target Vitals, Taste of Vitae
Hell-for-leather (gives a lots of options to anarchic versions)
As always, the guns make counter to the combat of animalism, so you have to load well with Canine Horde.

Nana Buruku is often used in the anarchist version to kill using anarch revolts instead of (or in addition to) Fame.

Here I leave my list of weenie ANI:

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=1 max=5 avg=3.)
 4x Anarch Convert                1 -none-                   Caitiff:ANY
 1x Lisa Noble                    1 ani                      Caitiff:3
 1x Mouse                         2 ani                      Nosferatu:3
 1x Petra                         5 aus ANI OBF              Nosferatu:4
 1x Stick                         3 ANI                      Nosferatu antitribu:4
 1x Beetleman                     4 obf ANI                  Nosferatu:4
 1x Zip                           2 ani                      Ravnos:3
 1x Bobby Lemon                   4 pro ANI                  Gangrel:3
 1x Celeste Lamontagne            5 for ANI PRO              Gangrel antitribu:4
 Library: 90 cards
 Master (17 cards)
 3x Fame
 7x Anarch Revolt
 1x Humanitas
 1x Information Highway
 1x Libertas
 1x Archon Investigation
 1x Parthenon, The
 2x Dreams of the Sphinx
 Action (20 cards)
 1x Aranthebes, The Immortal
 1x Army of Rats
 4x Taunt the Caged Beast
 14x Deep Song
 Combat (48 cards)
 2x Hell-for-Leather
 5x Target Vitals
 5x Taste of Vitae
 3x Terror Frenzy
 16x Aid from Bats
 13x Carrion Crows
 4x Conquer the Beast
 Ally (1 cards)
 1x Carlton Van Wyk
 Reaction (4 cards)
 4x Delaying Tactics

Tomorrow we will continue with the Goratrix Wall deck!

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One day one deck nº7:Stanislava

The Stanislava deck is one of the most powerful in the current scene. It has a brutal offensive ability and defends itself reasonably better than other similar decks.

It is not a surprise that BCP has chosen it as a gift to the players of vtes for the 25th Anniversary of the game.

The strength of the deck lies in the ability to reduce the pool of the prey almost unstoppably and in very painful quantities. As in other decks, you start trying to get 2-3 vampires (all big-caps, all with votes) and then smash forward. This is usually Zillah’s Valley / Govern / Scouting Mission. Then, once we have the majority of votes of the table we are dedicated to bleed, freak drive, politics.

The weakness of the deck is the loss of blood, as both the protean and the domination are expensive. Trying to block restoration is usually one of the best options, although it is not an easy task.

The star vampire of the crypt is of course Stanislava (attentive to his ability, which more than one could forget), and is usually accompanied by Ingrid Rossler, Genevive and Hartmut Stover. The new addition to the crypt is Xaviar Advanced.

The main library letters are:
Govern the Unaligned, Earth Control, FreakDrive / ForcedMarch / Instantaneous Transformation, KRC, EarthMeld / Form Of Mist, Deflection. To my liking, the card that gives boost of power to the deck is the Form of Mist, which, combined with the huge variety of multi-action makes it very difficult to stop.

I leave my list of Stanislava’s deck (courtesy of Oriol Pubill and very little modified). I cannot fail to mention that those of us who have been able to enjoy watching Oriol play with this deck are privileged, since it plays with a mixture of beauty and coldness that few leaves indifferent.

 Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 39, Max: 44, Avg: 10,3)
 2  Genevieve                          aus dom ANI FOR PRO10 Gangrel Antitribu
   2  Hartmut Stover                     dom for CEL OBF PRO10 Gangrel Antitribu
   1  Ingrid Rossler                     dom ANI FOR PRO9  Gangrel
   5  Stanislava                         ANI CEL DOM FOR PRO11 Gangrel
   2  Xaviar (ADV)                       aus cel pot ABO ANI FOR PRO10 Gangrel
 Library: (80 cards)
 Master (16 cards)
   1  Backways
   1  Giant's Blood
   1  Golconda: Inner Peace
   1  Monastery of Shadows
   1  Pentex(TM) Subversion
   4  Zillah's Valley
   7  Villein
 Action (12 cards)
   2  Scouting Mission
   3  Restoration
   7  Govern the Unaligned
 Action Modifier (21 cards)
   1  Enkil Cog
   2  Conditioning
   4  Forced March
   4  Freak Drive
   4  Instantaneous Transformation
   6  Earth Control
 Political Action (13 cards)
   1  Ancient Influence
   1  Political Stranglehold
   1  Reins of Power
   3  Banishment
   7  Kine Resources Contested
 Reaction (5 cards)
   2  Sense the Savage Way
   3  Deflection
 Combat (10 cards)
   2  Earth Meld
   8  Form of Mist
 Combo (3 cards)
   1  Murmur of the False Will
   2  Rapid Change

Tomorrow we will continue with a deck that is already a classic, the weenie of animalism.

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One day one deck nº6: Nephandus

We started a new week and the smell of European Championship is already beginning to be noticed in the environment. Today we will start with the archetype of Nephandos.

Nephandus’s deck is based on the special ability of the vampire Antonio d’Erlette that allows us to recruit directly from the deck (or hand) a magician ally (that Antonito could recruit) by just spending 4 transfers.

The Nephandus “is usually” Toolbox, intercepts with permanent, has a bit of bleed and defends (or attacks) well in combat. Perhaps I would say that lately they are seeing more rush decks than some time ago.

The Nephandus costs 2 pool (obviously we pay it even if we put it into play with Antonio d’Erlette’s special), he can strike 1R (has zero force), and he can burn a vampire in torpor as a (D) to earn a live. Now comes the special point: reduce all damage caused by opposing minion in one.
ALERT! Not only strikes, reduce it while the cause is the oposing minion. But it has to be clear that the Nephandus is not able to reduce damage from an environmental source (so some carrions kill him, and that’s it).

The cards we can expect in this deck are:
· Combat: Traps, target vitals, molotov cocktail.
· Actions: Computer Hacking, Unmasking, Amush-BumRush-etc …
· We can expect the little tremors that accompany them to devote themselves to hunting (even with Hungry Coyote) and deflect.

Here I present you a list (oriented to the use of master cards) that I usually play when I want to see my opponents suffer:

Crypt: (13 cards, Min: 4, Max: 20, Avg: 3)
  2  Anarch Convert                     -none-         1  Caitiff
  4  Antonio d'Erlette                  dom for pot THA5  Tremere Antitribu
  1  Beatrice 'Oracle171 Tremblay       inn ven        3  Innocent
  1  Ember Wright                       aus dom        3  Tremere Antitribu
  1  Esoara                             aus for pot DOM5  Tremere Antitribu
  1  Saiz                               aus dom        3  Tremere Antitribu
  3  Tupdog                             POT VIS        1  Gargoyle

Library: (90 cards)
Master (41 cards)
  1  Archon Investigation
  12 Ashur Tablets
  2  Direct Intervention
  1  Dreams of the Sphinx
  1  Fame
  1  Fortschritt Library
  1  Frontal Assault
  3  Haven Uncovered
  1  Jake Washington
  1  KRCG News Radio
  5  Liquidation
  1  Millicent Smith, Puritan Vampire Hunter
  5  Parthenon, The
  1  Pentex(TM) Subversion
  1  Secure Haven
  1  Vampiric Disease
  1  WMRH Talk Radio
  1  Wash
  1  Wider View

Action (9 cards)
  1  Aranthebes, The Immortal
  8  Leech

Reaction (9 cards)
  5  Deflection
  2  Delaying Tactics
  2  On the Qui Vive

Combat (13 cards)
  5  Disarm
  3  Glancing Blow
  1  Molotov Cocktail
  2  Target Vitals
  2  Trap

Ally (11 cards)
  1  Carlton Van Wyk
  1  Gregory Winter
  7  Nephandus
  1  Ossian
  1  Vagabond Mystic

Event (4 cards)
  1  Dragonbound
  1  Slow Withering, The
  2  Unmasking, The

Conviction (3 cards)
  1  React with Conviction
  1  Second Sight
  1  Strike with Conviction

Tomorrow we will continue with the fashionable deck: Stanislava!