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Become a vtes judge (Spain)

Welcome, Methuselahs.

Are you an expert in Vampire: The Eternal Struggle? Would you like to become a game judge and demonstrate that the rules and their interactions don’t scare you? Then keep reading because we’ll tell you about the new Vampire: The Eternal Struggle judge card.

If you’re an experienced player of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle and are interested in helping others learn the game, becoming a judge is an excellent way to do so. The judge card is an official document in Spain that certifies you as an expert in the game and qualifies you to direct and supervise tournaments and events.

How can you obtain the Vampire: The Eternal Struggle judge card? Well, there’s a test-style exam that will be held in Seville on March 25, after the national tournament. Anyone can take the exam, but previous experience playing the game is recommended. Candidates must have a good understanding of the rules of the game and demonstrate an ability to resolve interactions that can sometimes be more complicated than they appear.

The test-style exam will cover a variety of topics related to the game, including the rules, fair play, and tournament rules, among others. Candidates will have a limited time to complete the exam, so there won’t be much time to hesitate. In addition, the use of any digital device to consult will not be allowed, as all necessary material will be provided at the beginning of the test.

Once you pass the exam, you’ll receive your official Vampire: The Eternal Struggle judge card. This card won’t force you to arbitrate anything you don’t want to, but it will let other players know that you’re an expert in the game and that your opinion can be taken into account regarding VTES rules.

To register for the call, all you have to do is send an email with your name, VEKN number, and game city to On Wednesday, March 22, those who register will be confirmed to have a spot for the exam. Both registration and exam results will be confidential, so no one who is qualified should be afraid to try for fear of failing.

In summary, if you’re an experienced player of Vampire: The Eternal Struggle and are interested in helping others learn and enjoy the game, consider taking the exam to obtain your official judge card. It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of VTES and be part of the exciting card game community in the world of darkness!

UPDATE march, 14:
The test will be done after or during the final game, it will be decided in situ.
The test will be composed by 100 questions and you will need 80 correct answers to pass it.
Time limit will be 120 minutes.
External documentation and electronic devices will not be allowed during the test.

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Conclave 2018 Winning decks

Hi all!

Today we will bring you the winning decks from the Conclave tournament in Palma de Mallorca 2018.

It was a very interesting and hard-fought finale, with very different decks and quite a few votes on the table.

First of all, it was Moisés, winner of the tournament (with 2VP and entering first to the final), with a Palla grande deck with some Auspex to deflect.

Secondly it was Jorge (2VP), with a Tzimische deck, based on Sha-Ennu and Xipe Totec, tending to be a tool box with some politics.

Then we have German (1VP) with a Lutz & Maris Streck political deck con Obedience and Mental Maze, you can see a more accurate analysis by the creator here.

And finally Alberto with a Tzimische wall deck and Pablo with a Theo bell & The Beast.

Without more delay here are the lists.

Moisés – Palla Grande

Deck Name : Toreador Antitribu Palla Grande
Author : Moisés Ferrer

Crypt [12 vampires] Capacity min: 3 max: 7 average: 5.58333

3x Jost Werner 6 AUS PRE ani !Toreador:2
2x Greta Kircher 7 AUS CEL PRE obf !Toreador:2
2x Sheila Mezarin 6 AUS PRE cel for !Toreador:2
1x Jessica 7 AUS CEL OBT PRE bishop !Toreador:2
1x Creamy Jade 5 PRE aus cel vic !Toreador:3
1x Remilliard, Devout 4 AUS pre !Toreador:2
1x Sabrina 4 aus cel pre !Toreador:3
1x Lolita 3 for pre !Toreador:2

Library [75 cards]

Action [30]
8x Art Scam
6x Embrace, The
12x Enchant Kindred
4x Entrancement

Action Modifier [6]
2x Aire of Elation
4x Change of Target

Combat [10]
10x Majesty

Master [12]
2x Anarch Troublemaker
1x Coven, The
1x Dark Influences
2x Dreams of the Sphinx
1x Jake Washington (Hunter)
4x Palla Grande
1x Pentex(TM) Subversion

Reaction [17]
1x Delaying Tactics
4x Eyes of Argus
2x My Enemy’s Enemy
4x On the Qui Vive
6x Telepathic Misdirection

Jorge – Tzimische

Deck Name: Tool Xipe

Author: Chico-light

Crypt (12 cards; Capacity min=7 max=11 avg=9.42)

 1x  Ludmijla Rakoczy     7  ANI AUS VIC              Tzimisce:5

 2x  Righteous Endeavor   8  ANI AUS THA VIC          Tzimisce:5

 4x  Sha-Ennu            11  obf tha ANI AUS CHI VIC  Tzimisce:4

 1x  Terrifisto          10  cel obt ANI AUS FOR VIC  Tzimisce:4

 4x  Xipe Totec           9  ANI AUS PRO VIC          Tzimisce:5

Library (90 cards)

Master (22)

 2x Dreams of the Sphinx

 1x Hungry Coyote, The

 2x Information Highway

 1x Legendary Vampire

 1x Monastery of Shadows

 1x Papillon

 1x Pentex(TM) Subversion

 1x Powerbase: Madrid

 2x Tomb of Rameses III

 6x Villein

 2x Wider View

 2x Zillah’s Valley

Event (1)

 1x Scourge of the Enochians

Action (6)

 2x Abbot

 1x Pulse of the Canaille

 1x Shepherd’s Innocence

 2x Under Siege

Political Action (12)

 1x Ancient Influence

 1x Ancilla Empowerment

 2x Banishment

 6x Kine Resources Contested

 1x Political Stranglehold

 1x Reins of Power

Equipment (3)

 1x Bowl of Convergence

 1x Heart of Nizchetus

 1x Living Manse

Action Modifier (13)

 5x Changeling

 5x Mind of the Wilds

 3x Private Audience

Reaction (18)

 6x Eyes of Argus

 3x On the Qui Vive

 9x Telepathic Misdirection

Combat (11)

 2x Breath of the Dragon

 4x Carrion Crows

 5x Chiropteran Marauder

Combo (4)

 4x Plasmic Form

Germán – Lutz

Deck Name:   Malkavian político 73

Created By:  Posco

 Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 32, Max: 44, Avg: 9,75)

  5  Lutz Von Hohenzollern              pot AUS DEM OBF PRE11 Malkavian

  2  Maris Streck                       ani AUS dem dom OBF9  Malkavian

  2  Quentin King III                   AUS DEM obf pre7  Malkavian

  2  Rachel Brandywine                  ani AUS DEM OBF PRO10 Malkavian

  1  Tryphosa                           AUS DEM DOM OBF POT10 Malkavian

Library: (73 cards)

Master (14 cards)

  1  Dreams of the Sphinx

  1  Giant`s Blood

  1  Monastery of Shadows

  1  Pentex(TM) Subversion

  1  Secure Haven

  1  Wash

  5  Zillah`s Valley

  2  Villein

  1  Dark Influences

Action (3 cards)

  3  Kindred Spirits

Action Modifier (14 cards)

  1  Cloak the Gathering

  2  Elder Impersonation

  1  Enkil Cog

  3  Faceless Night

  2  Forgotten Labyrinth

  2  Lost in Crowds

  3  Spying Mission

Political Action (13 cards)

  1  Anarchist Uprising

  2  Banishment

  5  Kine Resources Contested

  4  Parity Shift

  1  Reins of Power

Reaction (21 cards)

  2  Enhanced Senses

  5  Eyes of Argus

  6  Mental Maze

  1  My Enemy`s Enemy

  3  Second Tradition: Domain, The

  4  Telepathic Misdirection

Combat (2 cards)

  2  No Trace

Equipment (1 cards)

  1  Heart of Nizchetus

Combo (5 cards)

  2  Random Patterns

  3  Swallowed by the Night


Alberto – Tzimische Bloquer


-Meshenka                           x2

-The Rose                             x1

-Anton                                   x1

-Kazimi Savostin                   x2

-Dragos                                 x2

-Corin Marcón                     x2

-Caliban                                 x2


-The path of Metamorphosis                                           x1

-Guardian Angel                                                                  x1

-Library Hunting ground                                                    x1

-Pentex Subversion                                                           x1

-Rötschreck                                                                         x3

-Spontaneous Power                                                         x1

-Direct Intervention                                                          x1

-Dark Influences                                                                 x1

-Smiling Jack the Anarch                                                   x3

-The erciyes Fragments                                                    x1

-Pawerbase: Montreal                                                      x1

-Vessel                                                                                 x4

-Army Of Rats                                                                     x1

-Blood of Acid                                                                     x2

-Chiropteran Marauder                                                    x10

-Breath of the Dragon                                                       X4

-Kraken’s Kiss                                                                      x6

-War ghoul                                                                          x2

-Corpse Balloon                                                                  x5

-Underbridge Stray                                                            x3

-Bowl of Convergence                                                      x1

-Kevlar Vest                                                                         x1

-Flak Jacket                                                                          x1

-Enhanced Senses                                                              x4

-Precognition                                                                      x4

-Telepathic Misdirection                                                   x2

-My enemy’s Enemy                                                          x2

-Eagle’s Sight                                                                       x6

-Eye of Argus                                                                      x4

-Read the Winds                                                                 x4

-Forced Awakening                                                           x5

-On the Qui Vive                                                                 x4


Pablo – Theo Bell& The Beast

1 x Dre, Leader of the Cold Dawn
1 x Jacob Bragg
1 x Victor Tolliver
2 x Jimmy Dunn
1 x Volker, The Puppet Prince
1 x Brachah
1 x Anvil
2 x Theo Bell
2 x Beast, The Leatherface of Detroit


2 x Fame
4 x Blood Doll
2 x Haven Uncovered
1 x Tension in the Ranks
1 x Celerity
1 x Warzone Hunting Ground
1 x Pentex Subversion
2 x Archon Investigation

2 x Wake with Evening’s Freshness
2 x Delaying Tactics
7 x Bum’s Rush

5 x Flash
6 x Pursuit
5 x Blur
6 x Sideslip
10 x Immortal Grapple
1 x Fists of Death
7 x Torn Signpost
5 x Pushing the Limit
6 x Undead Strength
5 x Disarm
2 x Decapitate
2 x Thrown Sewer Lid
5 x Taste of Vitae

We also have an analysis of that deck by the author.

It’s a very aggressive deck based on celerity and Potence. It needs to take Theo Bell or The Beast out in its place to work well.

Visit as soon as you can to control population on prey and predator, play as many combat cards as you can to cycle the hand and always have what it’s best for every situation. If you can visit before they play the Villein or Minion Tap on the vampire even better, doing it we will prevent them from recovering pool and we will be able to win more blood.

We don’t have to leave any dangerous predating vampires alive.

The deck kills with tension in the ranks and Fame.

The benefits of the deck is that is very destructive against decks with Combat Ends, it works well against decks that don’t do much Bloat (winning blood) and against blockers.

Its weakness are that it doesn’t have much defence against politics or bleeders. It’s quite vulnerable in table with lots of deflections because it tends to be the sink hole. It has some difficulties against decks with fortitude and that prevent strikes and doesn’t make friends easily at the table, but you can always sell some visit.

Thanks a lot to José Maria, Prince of Palma, for provide us with the lists.


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Tips for organize a nice Vtes tournament

Organization 101 or how to be a good host and not die trying


Come in! Come in!

Come in to my humble Elyseum and enjoy the party! Everyone is welcome!

Today I will talk about tournament organization, which may seem an easy and trivial task, but that’s why we must distinguish between a tournament and a GOOD tournament.

Tournament are the meeting point of players, they meet other players outside their playgroup, and even for some players it’s their only way to play V:tESm that is why a good organization is key.

First of all you have to choose a date and a place.

More than a few times, someone has placed it’s tournament long ago, just to suddenly find that someone is planning a tournament on the same date. That is totally counterproductive for both tournaments, cause it will split the players, it will create friction between the community and may end up in vendetta, specially for the first organizer, and no one knows what can be lurking around on a cold night when you turn the next corner…

It will help quite a bit to organize with the other princes from neighbourhood cities and distribute the calendar.

Having a good place is also very important. It’s not the same to meet with your playgroup at a bar or someone house’s than to organize there a tournament.

That doesn’t mean that a bar is not a good place, if it’s big enough, has enough tables, you arrange a menu at a reasonable price, and you have a quite space apart without interfering with the regular clients it can be a good option. If someone has a cottage sure it will lure many gangrels to the party!

A shop or a club are the common options, because they already have a suitable space for the activity.

Other good choices are municipal facilities that town halls usually cede to local associations.

What it’s true is that with 4 tables and a few bunch of chairs you can have a tournament, but players will thank you for a good space, quite where they can play without anyone looking at them strangely for playing with children games, etc…

Second point which is vital, are the players. Obiously without them there will be no tournament, and therefore making a good propaganda is very important.

There are several ways, accessible to everyone, we can use. First of all is the calendar at the VEKN website ( That is also mandatory in order to make the tournament official. And while we are at the VEKN website wecan make an announcement at our regional section.

If there is a website or forum dedicated to your community, for example a Spanish Forum, make also a post there.

Depending on how the community flows you can do an event on Facebook, but you will need to have quite a few contacts.

If you have Whatsapp or Telegram groups, eitherway the general for the country or the local groups is very usefull.

If there are local shops that suport the game you can ask them to hang a poster.

And with this you may think we are don’t, note ven close!

First you have to be sure that we have given enough information for the people to come to our tournament. Many times the address is forgotten, or the schedule are not clear or any other relevant information. You should always inform of:

  • Date
  • Place (exact address and a Google Maps link if you can)
  • Schedule
  • Incription price
  • Prizes

That is the minimal information, you can add more things, we will talk about it forwarr in THE COMPLEMENTS.

In second place, keeping track of the participants, or at least the probable players will help us encourage others and will mark the path of the tournament. How many times have you arrived to a tournament and you were less than 12 so it turn to be a multideck tournament and you weren’t prepared?

Or even worse, only 11 players show up (the cursed number) so someone has to drop or make weird combos with the archon(1)?

Once we are done with the preparations at long term, we can start the short term for the specific day.

Having access to a computer will help.

In case of larger tournaments, more than 25 people, a printer is very helpful, cause we will be able to print the rounds so everyone can check it easily. Also a microphone, or a small megaphone (10€), Will be very useful to communicate the rounds to everyone and not having to shout very loud.

If we have kept track of the players, we can have their data (name, vekn number, etc..) already on the archon, so the registration process will be much faster, and from here we jump to the next point, the schedule.

The Schedule is also very important, not just to know at what time you have to be at the tournament, but to estimate at what time it will end and plan the trip back home, furthermore if you come from far away.

It’s important to plan the resgirtration time, and that it doesn’t overlap with the first round. Specially in big tournaments. I will explain myself, for example:

In the EC 2017 in Berlin, the registrations where scheduled until 10:00, and the first round started also at 10:00. obiously at 9:55 there was a long line of people waiting to register and give the deck list, so the tournament start with a 1 hour delay.

The ideal would be:

9:00 – 9:30: Registration

10:00: Round 1

And leave some time for stragglers and unforeseen things. For smaller events with 10 o 15 minutes it will be enough.

It’s also important to be punctual, for the organization and for respect towards the players that have been punctual, the tournament should not be delayed because some players are late for it.

Of course there are always exceptions, maybe a prick of a wheel, but if someone is late and the rest waits for the player, he7she will be late every tournament knowing that he will be able to play and without any penalty.

With the things we have expose, we have a solid base for our tournament, everything that comes from now on are additional things, but that make the tournament even better, what we call the complements.

At organizacional level, small details like having the tables prepared the day before, arriving to the place a bit early than the players, having change for the inscription even if it’s a rounded price (5 or 10€) there will always be people who pay with 20€ or bigger. All of these details help that everything flows better.

External organizational level if we search a good lunch option, or a couple of restaurants nearby, players from outside will thank it.

The same could be said about accommodations in case of big tournaments like Nationals, Grand Prix or EC were many people come from outside, pointing them some good hotels or hostels will be very helpful for them.

Also giving some indications on how to get to the place, or the city from airports or train stations it helps to easy the travel, specially for foreinger people who don’t speak the language.

For local tournaments, indicating viable free parking areas is usefull and will avoid people from losing time searching for a place to park the car.

Having good prizes encourage people to attend, even more if there are prizes that will be sorted among the attendees.

A good way to have them is with patronages, and not everything has to be directly related to V:tES, there are many shops that will give you some products in exchange of having their logo on the poster and get some publicity on social media. T-shirts, some comic, or other things are good complementary prizes.

There are also prizes that are discounts for local shops, like restaurants, or nothing relates at all like little snack bags or beberages.

In the Spanish National Championship 2016 in Reus, the organizers manage to get chocolate smoothie and small snacks of nuts, that they give during the tournament as a mid day snack.

And up to here the class of the day on the basis on how to run a tournament. Anything you will like to add, or any suggestion on how to improve the tournaments is welcome, just leaves us a comment with your idea.

(1)Excel used to organize tournaments. Introducing the players gives us the rounds and the sitting position and the final round.



by Miquel Jorge ‘Gatocion’