One day one deck nº5: Toreador Grand Ball

The essence of TGB is to use the master to achieve unblockable actions. It is usually played with the Triple-A crypt (Anson, Anneke and Alexandra).

The first thing to note, to dispel any doubt, is that we can choose the same vampire ‘trash’ to cover it and get another vampire also benefits from the second / third TGB. It is a good time to point out that nothing prevents lifting the ‘garbage can’ with Alexandra’s ability if we need it). Nor do we lose the TGB bonus if the ‘trash can’ is destroyed.

During the initial phase of the game, you have to try to survive, because the vampires we want to take out are expensive. We can abuse the Villein, Parity Shift and VoterCap to get it. Once we have the three Aces we will change to destruction mode by launching unblocking policies and using, if we can, the bleeds of our vampires.

In general, we can defend ourselves well against bleeds (Telepathic), we will have enough votes not to be easily destroyed to policies and generally we will choose majesty + charismatic aura to defend ourselves against combat (using magnums does not have to be ashamed either). Mention to obedience.

The true power of the deck lies in the special abilities of the three Aces:
· Anson gives an extra master phase
· Anneke can try to block any action
· Alexandra can lift another bullfighter once per minion phase (own)

The best way to end this deck is to deny the initial pool gain: canceling those parity or minion taps / villein is the best way to kill the deck. It is a good idea to agree with the other players to get the TGB between all.

I leave here a list of TGB that I like:

Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 20, Max: 44, Avg: 8,33)
 4  Alexandra                          dom ANI AUS CEL PRE11 Toreador
   2  Anneke                             dom AUS CEL PRE10 Toreador
   3  Anson                              aus dom CEL PRE8  Toreador
   1  Dieter Kleist                      aus            2  Toreador
   1  Isabel de Leon                     AUS            3  Toreador
   1  Tatiana Romanov                    cel pre AUS    7  Toreador
 Library: (90 cards)
 Master (18 cards)
   1  Art Museum
   1  Giant's Blood
   1  Information Highway
   1  Papillon
   1  Pentex(TM) Subversion
   1  Secure Haven
   5  Toreador Grand Ball
   6  Villein
   1  Wider View
 Action (6 cards)
   3  Enchant Kindred
   3  Entrancement
 Action Modifier (16 cards)
   2  Aire of Elation
   2  Awe
   2  Bewitching Oration
   4  Perfect Paragon
   6  Voter Captivation
 Political Action (11 cards)
   1  Banishment
   1  Conservative Agitation
   3  Kine Resources Contested
   4  Parity Shift
   1  Political Stranglehold
   1  Reins of Power
 Reaction (20 cards)
   7  Eyes of Argus
   3  My Enemy's Enemy
   1  On the Qui Vive
   3  Second Tradition: Domain
   6  Telepathic Misdirection
 Combat (12 cards)
   4  Charismatic Aura
   8  Majesty
 Equipment (2 cards)
   1  Heart of Nizchetus
   1  Sniper Rifle
 Event (1 cards)
   1  Scourge of the Enochians
 Combo (4 cards)
   4  Resist Earth's Grasp

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