One day one deck nº6: Nephandus

We started a new week and the smell of European Championship is already beginning to be noticed in the environment. Today we will start with the archetype of Nephandos.

Nephandus’s deck is based on the special ability of the vampire Antonio d’Erlette that allows us to recruit directly from the deck (or hand) a magician ally (that Antonito could recruit) by just spending 4 transfers.

The Nephandus “is usually” Toolbox, intercepts with permanent, has a bit of bleed and defends (or attacks) well in combat. Perhaps I would say that lately they are seeing more rush decks than some time ago.

The Nephandus costs 2 pool (obviously we pay it even if we put it into play with Antonio d’Erlette’s special), he can strike 1R (has zero force), and he can burn a vampire in torpor as a (D) to earn a live. Now comes the special point: reduce all damage caused by opposing minion in one.
ALERT! Not only strikes, reduce it while the cause is the oposing minion. But it has to be clear that the Nephandus is not able to reduce damage from an environmental source (so some carrions kill him, and that’s it).

The cards we can expect in this deck are:
· Combat: Traps, target vitals, molotov cocktail.
· Actions: Computer Hacking, Unmasking, Amush-BumRush-etc …
· We can expect the little tremors that accompany them to devote themselves to hunting (even with Hungry Coyote) and deflect.

Here I present you a list (oriented to the use of master cards) that I usually play when I want to see my opponents suffer:

Crypt: (13 cards, Min: 4, Max: 20, Avg: 3)
  2  Anarch Convert                     -none-         1  Caitiff
  4  Antonio d'Erlette                  dom for pot THA5  Tremere Antitribu
  1  Beatrice 'Oracle171 Tremblay       inn ven        3  Innocent
  1  Ember Wright                       aus dom        3  Tremere Antitribu
  1  Esoara                             aus for pot DOM5  Tremere Antitribu
  1  Saiz                               aus dom        3  Tremere Antitribu
  3  Tupdog                             POT VIS        1  Gargoyle

Library: (90 cards)
Master (41 cards)
  1  Archon Investigation
  12 Ashur Tablets
  2  Direct Intervention
  1  Dreams of the Sphinx
  1  Fame
  1  Fortschritt Library
  1  Frontal Assault
  3  Haven Uncovered
  1  Jake Washington
  1  KRCG News Radio
  5  Liquidation
  1  Millicent Smith, Puritan Vampire Hunter
  5  Parthenon, The
  1  Pentex(TM) Subversion
  1  Secure Haven
  1  Vampiric Disease
  1  WMRH Talk Radio
  1  Wash
  1  Wider View

Action (9 cards)
  1  Aranthebes, The Immortal
  8  Leech

Reaction (9 cards)
  5  Deflection
  2  Delaying Tactics
  2  On the Qui Vive

Combat (13 cards)
  5  Disarm
  3  Glancing Blow
  1  Molotov Cocktail
  2  Target Vitals
  2  Trap

Ally (11 cards)
  1  Carlton Van Wyk
  1  Gregory Winter
  7  Nephandus
  1  Ossian
  1  Vagabond Mystic

Event (4 cards)
  1  Dragonbound
  1  Slow Withering, The
  2  Unmasking, The

Conviction (3 cards)
  1  React with Conviction
  1  Second Sight
  1  Strike with Conviction

Tomorrow we will continue with the fashionable deck: Stanislava!

Author: Gatocion

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