One day one deck nº7:Stanislava

The Stanislava deck is one of the most powerful in the current scene. It has a brutal offensive ability and defends itself reasonably better than other similar decks.

It is not a surprise that BCP has chosen it as a gift to the players of vtes for the 25th Anniversary of the game.

The strength of the deck lies in the ability to reduce the pool of the prey almost unstoppably and in very painful quantities. As in other decks, you start trying to get 2-3 vampires (all big-caps, all with votes) and then smash forward. This is usually Zillah’s Valley / Govern / Scouting Mission. Then, once we have the majority of votes of the table we are dedicated to bleed, freak drive, politics.

The weakness of the deck is the loss of blood, as both the protean and the domination are expensive. Trying to block restoration is usually one of the best options, although it is not an easy task.

The star vampire of the crypt is of course Stanislava (attentive to his ability, which more than one could forget), and is usually accompanied by Ingrid Rossler, Genevive and Hartmut Stover. The new addition to the crypt is Xaviar Advanced.

The main library letters are:
Govern the Unaligned, Earth Control, FreakDrive / ForcedMarch / Instantaneous Transformation, KRC, EarthMeld / Form Of Mist, Deflection. To my liking, the card that gives boost of power to the deck is the Form of Mist, which, combined with the huge variety of multi-action makes it very difficult to stop.

I leave my list of Stanislava’s deck (courtesy of Oriol Pubill and very little modified). I cannot fail to mention that those of us who have been able to enjoy watching Oriol play with this deck are privileged, since it plays with a mixture of beauty and coldness that few leaves indifferent.

 Crypt: (12 cards, Min: 39, Max: 44, Avg: 10,3)
 2  Genevieve                          aus dom ANI FOR PRO10 Gangrel Antitribu
   2  Hartmut Stover                     dom for CEL OBF PRO10 Gangrel Antitribu
   1  Ingrid Rossler                     dom ANI FOR PRO9  Gangrel
   5  Stanislava                         ANI CEL DOM FOR PRO11 Gangrel
   2  Xaviar (ADV)                       aus cel pot ABO ANI FOR PRO10 Gangrel
 Library: (80 cards)
 Master (16 cards)
   1  Backways
   1  Giant's Blood
   1  Golconda: Inner Peace
   1  Monastery of Shadows
   1  Pentex(TM) Subversion
   4  Zillah's Valley
   7  Villein
 Action (12 cards)
   2  Scouting Mission
   3  Restoration
   7  Govern the Unaligned
 Action Modifier (21 cards)
   1  Enkil Cog
   2  Conditioning
   4  Forced March
   4  Freak Drive
   4  Instantaneous Transformation
   6  Earth Control
 Political Action (13 cards)
   1  Ancient Influence
   1  Political Stranglehold
   1  Reins of Power
   3  Banishment
   7  Kine Resources Contested
 Reaction (5 cards)
   2  Sense the Savage Way
   3  Deflection
 Combat (10 cards)
   2  Earth Meld
   8  Form of Mist
 Combo (3 cards)
   1  Murmur of the False Will
   2  Rapid Change

Tomorrow we will continue with a deck that is already a classic, the weenie of animalism.

Author: Arnau Diez Sans

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