Crypt cards based on players’ portraits

Crypt cards whose portrait is based on a player or other identificable people:

Jeffrey (Lasombra) Thompson won a Sabbat draft tournament at DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia.
Carl Pilhatsch, former V:EKN membership director.
Anarch Convert
Laurie Goulding, UK player,
Anthony Coleman, UK player, 2006 European Champion.
Anson Maddocks the artist, is portrayed on Anson the Toreador.
Hugh Angseesing, national coordinator for the UK is depicted on this card.
Camille Devereux
Stephanie Seymour, the lingerie model from Victoria’s Secret. Likeness was used without permission.
Carmine Giovanni
Christian Chenard won the North American Continental Championship in 2004.
Claudio Severino adv
It is said to be David Quiñonero
Dominic Catanzariti, 2 time Australian Continental Champion.
Ben Peal, 3 time North American Continental Champion.
Steve Coombs won a constructed deck tournament at DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia.
Emerson Wilkershire III
Andreas Nusser worked in translation at the White Wolf headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.
Enzo Giovanni
Shawn F. Carnes, the designer of Dark Sovereigns.
Gharston Roland
Stefan Ferenci, winner of the European Championships 2003.
Helen Fairchild
Robyn Tatu has been the VTES ratings coordinator for many years.
Jackson Asher
Mike Courtois, bedrock of the Los Angeles V:TES scene.
Jeremy McNeil (advanced)
RK Post did a self-portrait for this card.
Jason Carl, DCI Policy Director for Wizards of the Coast.
Kevin Mergen, prince of Las Vegas, known for running events Origins Game Convention in Ohio.
Lord Ashton
Matt (Greyseer) Barnett received his art on a card as a tribute, he has passed on.
Dan Smith is the artist for Nik – Nik is a self-portrait of Dan Smith. Dan currently works as a game designer as well. He designed (and did the art for) Battle of the Bands, for instance.
Omme Enberbenight
Ruben Vidana Ramos who was the 2004 EC champion.
Paulo de Castille
Oscar Garza, Organized Play Coordinator for Vampire: the Eternal Struggle.
Sean Ryce
Brian Moritz, Seattle area player, North American Continental Champion 2003, European Champion 2010.
Fred Scott, prince of Phoenix is depicted on this card.
Robert Goudie, the original V:EKN activist.
Torvus Bloodbeard
Mike Noe, president of Iron Wind Metals (old Ral Partha), an occasional VTES player, and friend of the artist
Victor Pelletier
Stephane Lavrut former prince of Paris is depicted on this card.
Violet Tremaine
Jennifer Clarke Wilkes was the VTES liaison at WOTC.
Steve Wieck, White Wolf’s card game manager.