Adrianne 6 aus cel pot pre Toreador 1
Agrippina 4 pot OBF Nosferatu 1
Aleph 4 dom AUS Malkavian 1
Anastasia Grey 3 ani pro Gangrel 1
Andreas, The Bard of Crete 9 dom pro AUS CEL PRE Toreador Primogen 1
Angel 2 cel Brujah 1
Angus the Unruled 10 cel for pot ANI PRO Gangrel Justicar 1
Anneke 10 dom AUS CEL PRE Toreador Justicar 1
Anson 8 aus dom CEL PRE Toreador Prince 1
Anvil 6 dom pre tha CEL POT Brujah Primogen 1
Appolonius 10 for pot CEL PRE Brujah Primogen 1
Astrid Thomas 7 aus pot DOM THA Tremere Primogen 1
Badger 6 ani pot FOR PRO Gangrel 1
Basilia 10 obf pot ANI FOR PRO Gangrel Primogen 1
Bear Paw 5 for pre pro ANI Gangrel 1
Bianca 6 pot pre CEL Brujah 1
Black Cat 5 pot pre CEL Brujah 1
Brazil 2 aus Malkavian 1
Camille Devereux, The Raven 5 ani FOR PRO Gangrel 1
Cardano 9 ani aus cel DOM FOR THA Tremere Prince 1
Cassandra, Magus Prime 10 cel pre AUS DOM THA Tremere Primogen 1
Chester DuBois 7 for obf ANI POT Nosferatu Primogen 1
Colin Flynn 3 aus cel Toreador 1
Courtland Leighton 4 dom for pre Ventrue 1
Crusher 9 for CEL POT PRE Brujah Primogen 1
Dancin’ Dana 6 cel obf AUS Malkavian 1
Delilah Easton 2 pre Toreador 1
Demetrius Slater 4 aus cel pre Toreador 1
Democritus 10 aus cel for DOM PRE Ventrue Justicar 1
Didi Meyers 5 aus cel obf DOM Malkavian 1
Dieter Kleist 2 aus Toreador 1
Dimple 2 obf Nosferatu 1
Dollface 3 aus obf Malkavian 1
Don Cruez, The Idealist 10 ani dom pro CEL POT PRE Brujah Justicar 1
Dorian Strack 4 cel AUS Toreador 1
Dr. Jest 8 aus dom for pre OBF Malkavian Primogen 1
Dr. John Casey 3 aus tha Tremere 1
Dre, Leader of the Cold Dawn 3 cel pot Brujah 1
Duck 3 obf pot Nosferatu 1
Ebanezer Roush 8 pro ANI OBF POT Nosferatu 1
Eliott Sinclair, Virtuoso Thespian 7 aus cel PRE Toreador Primogen 1
Emerson Bridges 8 pot DOM FOR PRE Ventrue Prince 1
Felicia Mostrom 5 pre AUS CEL Toreador 1
Gideon Fontaine 3 PRE Ventrue 1
Gilbert Duane 7 AUS DOM OBF Malkavian Prince 1
Gitane St. Claire 7 ANI FOR PRO Gangrel Primogen 1
Giuliano Vincenzi 2 for Gangrel 1
Grendel the Worm-Eaten 5 ani pot OBF Nosferatu 1
Gunther, Beast Lord 7 aus for pro ANI Gangrel 1
Hasina Kesi 1 pot Caitiff 1
Heather Florent, The Opportunist 6 dom FOR PRE Ventrue 1
Hector Sosa 4 pre POT Brujah 1
Helena Casimir 9 cel for DOM POT PRE Ventrue Primogen 1
Ignatius 4 aus dom tha Tremere 1
Igo the Hungry 1 pre pro Caitiff 1
Jazz Wentworth 5 dom for PRE Ventrue 1
Jing Wei 3 dom tha Tremere 1
Justine, Elder of Dallas 8 obf AUS DOM THA Tremere Primogen 1
Kallista, Master Sculptor 6 pre pro AUS CEL Toreador 1
KoKo 2 pot Nosferatu 1
Lazarus 9 cel pot AUS DOM THA Tremere Primogen 1
Luccia Paciola 6 for pre DOM Ventrue 1
Lucian 10 cel tha AUS DOM OBF Malkavian Justicar 1
Lucretia, Cess Queen 10 aus cel for pot ANI OBF Nosferatu Primogen 1
Lupo 2 pot Brujah 1
Lydia Van Cuelen 6 aus dom pre tha Tremere 1
Mariel, Lady Thunder 7 aus tha DOM OBF Malkavian 1
Marty Lechtansi 9 ani for DOM OBF POT Nosferatu Primogen 1
Masika 10 AUS CEL PRE Toreador Primogen 1
Melissa Barton 5 cel dom for pre Ventrue 1
Merrill Molitor 5 aus dom THA Tremere 1
Miranda Sanova 8 aus obf pot CEL PRE Brujah Primogen 1
Natasha Volfchek 9 cel dom pot FOR PRE Ventrue Primogen 1
Navar McClaren 1 ani Caitiff 1
Nik 1 cel Caitiff 1
Normal 2 obf Malkavian 1
Ozmo 6 dom obf AUS Malkavian 1
Quinton McDonnell 8 ani cel pro FOR Gangrel Primogen 1
Rake 6 aus cel pot PRE Brujah Prince 1
Ramiel DuPre 5 aus cel dom PRE Toreador 1
Ricki Van Demsi 3 for pro Gangrel 1
Roland Bishop 4 aus dom obf Malkavian 1
Roland Loussarian 3 for pre Ventrue 1
Roman Alexander 4 ani for pro Gangrel 1
Roreca Quaid 2 tha Tremere 1
Roxanne, Rectrix of the 13th Floor 9 pot AUS DOM FOR OBF Malkavian Primogen 1
Rufina Soledad 2 for Ventrue 1
Sabine Lafitte 5 aus dom pot tha Tremere 1
Sammy 4 ani obf pot Nosferatu 1
Sarah Cobbler 4 dom THA Tremere 1
Sebastian Marley 7 aus obf pot ANI Nosferatu 1
Selma the Repugnant 8 ani for OBF POT Nosferatu Prince 1
Sheldon, Lord of the Clog 9 for ANI AUS OBF POT Nosferatu Justicar 1
Sir Walter Nash 7 DOM FOR PRE Ventrue Prince 1
Smudge the Ignored 1 -none- Caitiff 1
Sylvester Simms 8 ani dom pre AUS OBF Malkavian Primogen 1
Tatiana Romanov 7 cel pre AUS Toreador Prince 1
Thomas Thorne 6 ani aus cel tha DOM Tremere 1
Tiberius, The Scandalmonger 5 ani cel obf pot Nosferatu 1
Timothy Crowley 7 ani dom FOR PRE Ventrue Prince 1
Tura Vaughn 8 dom CEL POT PRE Brujah Primogen 1
Tusk, The Talebearer 6 ani pot OBF Nosferatu 1
Ulugh Beg, The Watcher 10 cel for pot AUS DOM THA Tremere Justicar 1
Uma Hatch 3 cel pre Brujah 1
Uriah Winter 1 for pot Caitiff 1
Violette Prentiss 4 dom PRE Ventrue 1
Vliam Andor 2 ani Gangrel 1
Wynn 10 obf pot ANI FOR PRO Gangrel Primogen 1
Yuri, The Talon 4 cel pot pre Brujah 1
Zack North 6 ani for pot pro Gangrel 1
Zebulon 5 aus dom pro OBF Malkavian 1
.44 Magnum Equipment 2 pool
Aaron’s Feeding Razor Equipment 1 pool
Academic Hunting Ground Master 2 pool Tremere
Aching Beauty Master 2 pool Toreador
Acrobatics Combat 1 blood Celerity
Aid from Bats Combat Animalism
Al’s Army Apparatus Master Brujah
Amaranth Combat
Anarch Revolt Master
Anarch Troublemaker Master
Ancient Influence Political Action
Ancilla Empowerment Political Action
Animalism Master
Arcane Library Master 2 pool Tremere
Archon Political Action Prince, Justicar
Archon Investigation Master 3 pool
Arms Dealer Ally Brujah
Army of Rats Action Animalism
Arson Action
Art Museum Master 2 pool Toreador
Ascendance Master
Assault Rifle Equipment 5 pool
Asylum Hunting Ground Master 2 pool Malkavian
Aura Reading Combat Auspex
Auspex Master
Autarkis Persecution Political Action
Backways Master 2 pool Gangrel
Barrens, The Master
Bastard Sword Equipment 1 pool
Behind You! Combat Obfuscate
Betrayer Master
Bewitching Oration Action Modifier Presence
Blood Bond Action 2 blood
Blood Doll Master
Blood Fury Combat 1 blood Thaumaturgy
Blood Hunt Action Prince, Justicar
Blood Puppy Master 2 pool
Blood Rage Combat Thaumaturgy
Blur Combat 1 blood Celerity
Body of Sun Combat 4 blood Protean
Bomb Equipment 1 pool
Bonding Action Modifier Dominate
Boxed In Combat
Brainwash Master
Bribes Action Modifier
Brujah Frenzy Master
Brujah Justicar Political Action
Bum’s Rush Action
Burst of Sunlight Combat Thaumaturgy
Business Pressure Action Modifier Presence
Camarilla Exemplary Political Action Camarilla
Canine Horde Combat Animalism
Cat Burglary Action Celerity
Cats’ Guidance Reaction Animalism
Cauldron of Blood Combat 1 blood Thaumaturgy
Celerity Master
Chainsaw Equipment 2 pool
Change of Target Action Modifier
Chantry Master Tremere
Charming Lobby Action Presence
Charnas the Imp Retainer 1 blood Tremere
Claws of the Dead Combat 1 blood Protean
Cloak the Gathering Action Modifier Obfuscate
Computer Hacking Action
Concealed Weapon Combat
Conditioning Action Modifier 1 blood Dominate
Conquer the Beast Combat Animalism
Consanguineous Boon Political Action
Consanguineous Condemnation Political Action
Conservative Agitation Political Action
Cryptic Mission Action Thaumaturgy
Cryptic Rider Action Modifier 1 blood
Cultivated Blood Shortage Master
Cunctator Motion Political Action
Curse of Nitocris Master
Dawn Operation Action Modifier Fortitude
Day Operation Action Modifier 1 blood Fortitude
Dead-End Alley Combat
Deal with the Devil Master
Deer Rifle Equipment 2 pool
Deflection Reaction 1 blood Dominate
Delaying Tactics Reaction 1 blood
Disarming Presence Action Modifier Presence
Disguised Weapon Combat Obfuscate
Disputed Territory Political Action
Distraction Action 1 blood Celerity
Dodge Combat
Domain Challenge Political Action
Dominate Master
Dominate Kine Action 2 blood Dominate
Dragon’s Breath Rounds Combat
Drain Essence Combat 1 blood Thaumaturgy
Dramatic Upheaval Political Action
Drawing Out the Beast Combat Animalism
Dread Gaze Reaction Presence
Eagle’s Sight Reaction Auspex
Earth Control Action Modifier 1 blood Protean
Earth Meld Combat Protean
Ecoterrorists Master 2 pool Gangrel
Effective Management Master
Elder Intervention Reaction 1 blood
Elder Kindred Network Reaction Ventrue
Elder Library Master 1 pool
Elysium: The Arboretum Master
Embrace, The Action 2 blood non-Sterile
Enchant Kindred Action Presence
Enhanced Senses Reaction Auspex
Entrancement Action Presence
Faceless Night Action Modifier Obfuscate
Fake Out Combat
Fame Master
Far Mastery Action 1 blood Dominate
Fast Hands Combat 1 blood Celerity
Fast Reaction Reaction Auspex
Fifth Tradition: Hospitality Action 1 blood Prince, Justicar
First Tradition: The Masquerade Political Action Prince, Justicar
Fists of Death Combat 1 blood Potence
Flak Jacket Equipment 1 pool
Flamethrower Equipment 4 pool
Flash Combat Celerity
Flesh of Marble Combat Protean
Form of Mist Combat Protean
Form of the Ghost Combat Protean
Fortitude Master
Fourth Tradition: The Accounting Action 1 blood Prince, Justicar
Fragment of the Book of Nod Master
Freak Drive Action Modifier 1 blood Fortitude
Frenzy Master
Game of Malkav Master Malkavian
Gangrel Atavism Master
Gangrel Justicar Political Action
Ghoul Escort Retainer
Ghoul Retainer Retainer 2 pool
Giant’s Blood Master
Gird Minions Master
Glaser Rounds Combat
Gleam of Red Eyes Combat Protean
Golconda: Inner Peace Master
Govern the Unaligned Action 1 blood Dominate
Graverobbing Action Dominate
Grenade Equipment
Growing Fury Combat Potence
Gypsies Ally 3 pool Gangrel
Haven Uncovered Master
Hawg Equipment
Hellhound Ally 2 pool
Hidden Lurker Action Modifier Obfuscate
High Stakes Political Action Ventrue
Homunculus Retainer Protean
Hostile Takeover Master 1 pool Ventrue
IR Goggles Equipment
Illegal Search and Seizure Master
Immortal Grapple Combat Potence
Indomitability Combat Fortitude
Infernal Pursuit Combat Celerity
Information Highway Master
Ivory Bow Equipment 1 pool
J. S. Simmons, Esq. Retainer
Jackie Therman Retainer
Justicar Retribution Political Action Camarilla
KRCG News Radio Master 2 pool
Kindred Intelligence Action Nosferatu
Kindred Restructure Political Action Prince, Justicar
Kindred Segregation Political Action
Kindred Society Games Master Toreador
Kine Resources Contested Political Action
Knights, The Ally 1 pool Brujah
Labyrinth, The Master 1 pool Nosferatu
Laptop Computer Equipment 1 pool
Legal Manipulations Action 1 blood Presence
Letter from Vienna Master
Lextalionis Political Action
Life Boon Master
Lost in Crowds Action Modifier Obfuscate
Loyal Street Gang Ally 1 pool Brujah
Lucky Blow Combat
Madness Network Master Malkavian
Magic of the Smith Action 1 blood Thaumaturgy
Majesty Combat 1 blood Presence
Major Boon Master
Malkavian Dementia Master
Malkavian Justicar Political Action
Malkavian Prank Master Malkavian
Malkavian Time Auction Master Malkavian
Manstopper Rounds Combat
Mask of a Thousand Faces Action Modifier Obfuscate
Masquerade Endangered Master
Masquerade Enforcement Political Action Prince, Justicar
Metro Underground Master
Mighty Grapple Combat Potence
Millicent Smith, Puritan Vampire Hunter Master
Minion Tap Master
Minor Boon Master
Misdirection Master 1 pool
Mob Connections Master
Monocle of Clarity Equipment
Movement of the Mind Combat Thaumaturgy
Movement of the Slow Body Action Protean
Mr. Winthrop Retainer
Muddled Vampire Hunter Ally 2 pool Malkavian
Murder of Crows Retainer 1 blood Animalism
Night Moves Action Obfuscate
Nimble Feet Combat Celerity
Nosferatu Justicar Political Action
Nosferatu Putrescence Combat
Obedience Reaction Dominate
Obfuscate Master
Open Grate Combat
Outcast Mage Ally 3 pool Tremere
Owl Companion Retainer Animalism
Parity Shift Political Action Prince, Justicar
Patagia: Flaps Allowing Limited Flight Action 1 blood Nosferatu
Peace Treaty Political Action
Police Department Master
Political Ally Ally 2 pool Ventrue
Political Backlash Reaction
Political Flux Political Action
Potence Master
Powerbase: Chicago Master 1 pool
Powerbase: Washington, D.C. Master 1 pool
Praxis Seizure: Atlanta Political Action Camarilla
Praxis Seizure: Boston Political Action Camarilla
Praxis Seizure: Chicago Political Action Camarilla
Praxis Seizure: Cleveland Political Action Camarilla
Praxis Seizure: Dallas Political Action Camarilla
Praxis Seizure: Houston Political Action Camarilla
Praxis Seizure: Miami Political Action Camarilla
Praxis Seizure: Seattle Political Action Camarilla
Praxis Seizure: Washington, D.C. Political Action Camarilla
Praxis Solomon Political Action
Presence Master
Protean Master
Protected Resources Master 2 pool
Protracted Investment Master 2 pool
Psyche! Combat Celerity
Psychic Projection Action Auspex
Psychic Veil Action 1 blood Obfuscate
Pulled Fangs Combat
Pulling Strings Reaction Dominate
Pulse of the Canaille Action 3 blood Auspex
RPG Launcher Equipment 2 pool
Rack, The Master
Rampage Action Potence
Rapid Healing Action Fortitude
Rat’s Warning Reaction Animalism
Raven Spy Retainer 1 blood Animalism
Read Intentions Combat Auspex
Regaining the Upper Hand Political Action
Renegade Garou Ally 5 pool Gangrel
Resplendent Protector Retainer Toreador
Restoration Action Fortitude
Reversal of Fortunes Political Action
Ritual Challenge Action 1 blood Gangrel
Ritual of the Bitter Rose Action Modifier/Combat
Rotschreck Master
Rowan Ring Equipment 1 pool
Rumors of Gehenna Political Action
Sabbat Threat Political Action Prince, Justicar
Saturday-Night Special Equipment 1 pool
Sawed-Off Shotgun Equipment 2 pool
Scorn of Adonis Action Modifier Toreador
Second Tradition: Domain Reaction Prince, Justicar
Seduction Action Modifier Dominate
Sengir Dagger Equipment 2 pool
Shadow of the Beast Action 1 blood Protean
Shattering Blow Combat Potence
Short-Term Investment Master 1 pool
Sideslip Combat Celerity
Sixth Tradition: Destruction Action Prince, Justicar
Skin of Night Combat Fortitude
Skin of Rock Combat Fortitude
Skin of Steel Combat 1 blood Fortitude
Slashers, The Ally 1 pool Brujah
Slum Hunting Ground Master 2 pool Nosferatu
Smiling Jack, The Anarch Master
Social Charm Action Presence
Society Hunting Ground Master 2 pool Toreador
Society of Leopold Master
Soul Gem of Etrius Equipment
Spawning Pool, The Master Nosferatu
Spirit’s Touch Reaction Auspex
Sport Bike Equipment 1 pool
Spying Mission Action Modifier Obfuscate
Storm Sewers Master Nosferatu
Submachine Gun Equipment 4 pool
Succubus Club Master
Sudden Reversal Master
Surprise Influence Reaction
Talbot’s Chainsaw Equipment 3 pool
Tasha Morgan Retainer
Taste of Vitae Combat
Telepathic Counter Reaction Auspex
Telepathic Misdirection Reaction 1 blood Auspex
Telepathic Vote Counting Action Modifier Auspex
Temptation of Greater Power Master 3 pool Justicar
Thadius Zho, Mage Ally 4 pool Tremere
Thaumaturgy Master
Theft of Vitae Combat Thaumaturgy
Third Tradition: Progeny Action 1 blood Prince, Justicar, non-Sterile
Threats Action Modifier Dominate
Thrown Gate Combat Potence
Thrown Sewer Lid Combat Potence
Toreador Justicar Political Action
Torn Signpost Combat Potence
Tragic Love Affair Master
Trap Combat
Tremere Justicar Political Action
Undead Persistence Combat Fortitude
Undead Strength Combat Potence
Unflinching Persistence Combat Fortitude
Unnatural Disaster Master 2 pool
Uptown Hunting Ground Master 2 pool Ventrue
Vampiric Disease Master
Vampiric Speed Combat Celerity
Vanish from the Mind’s Eye Combat Obfuscate
Vast Wealth Master
Ventrue Headquarters Master 1 pool Ventrue
Ventrue Justicar Political Action
Voter Captivation Action Modifier Presence
Vulnerability Master 1 pool
Wake with Evening’s Freshness Reaction
Walk of Flame Combat Thaumaturgy
Warzone Hunting Ground Master 2 pool Brujah
Weather Control Combat Thaumaturgy
Well-Aimed Car Combat Potence
Wolf Claws Combat 1 blood Protean
Wolf Companion Retainer 1 blood Animalism
Wooden Stake Equipment
XTC-Laced Blood Master
Zip Gun Combat
Zoo Hunting Ground Master 2 pool Gangrel