Lords of the night

Abdelsobek[Follower of Set] Follower of Set55[for] [nec] [obf] [pre] [ser]LotN:U
Accorri Giovanni[Giovanni] Giovanni56[ani] [nec] [DOM] [POT]LotN:U
Ahmose Chambers[Follower of Set] Follower of Set53[obf] [ser]LotN:U
Alu[Assamite] Assamite52[obf]LotN:U
Anjalika Underwood[Ravnos] Ravnos55[aus] [chi] [for] [ANI]LotN:U
Arnulf Jormungandrsson[Follower of Set] Follower of Set58[aus] [cel] [OBF] [PRE] [SER]LotN:U
Bakr[Assamite] Assamite58[dem] [pro] [CEL] [OBF] [QUI]LotN:U
Belle Equitone[Follower of Set] Follower of Set42[ser]LotN:PS2
Bertrand d’Anjou[Assamite] Assamite44[aus] [cel] [qui]LotN:PA2
Brian Thompson[Ravnos] Ravnos44[ani] [chi] [for]LotN:PR2
Chavi Oraczko[Ravnos] Ravnos57[nec] [ANI] [CHI] [FOR]LotN:U
Clea Auguste d’Holford[Follower of Set] Follower of Set56[pre] [ser] [OBF] [POT]LotN:U
Diego Giovanni[Giovanni] Giovanni58[ani] [CHI] [DOM] [NEC] [POT]LotN:U
Djuhah, The Bronze Bow[Assamite] Assamite57[aus] [cel] [pre] [OBF] [QUI]LotN:U
Dmitri Borodin[Assamite] Assamite410[obf] [AUS] [CEL] [NEC] [QUI]LotN:PA2
Durga Syn[Ravnos] Ravnos49[ani] [aus] [dom] [for] [CHI] [OBF] [THA]LotN:PR2
Eric Milliner[Giovanni] Giovanni52[pot]LotN:U
Evan Rogers[Assamite] Assamite43[cel] [qui]LotN:PA2
Francis Milliner[Giovanni] Giovanni46[pre] [vic] [NEC] [POT]LotN:PG2
Ganesh[Ravnos] Ravnos56[CHI] [DEM] [FOR]LotN:U
Gianmaria Giovanni[Giovanni] Giovanni55[dom] [nec] [obt] [POT]LotN:U
Giovanni del Georgio[Giovanni] Giovanni58[DOM] [NEC] [POT] [PRO]LotN:U
Guillaume Giovanni[Giovanni] Giovanni49[obt] [CEL] [DOM] [NEC] [POT]LotN:PG2
Gwen Brand[Ravnos] Ravnos53[aus] [chi]LotN:U
Hafsa, The Watcher[Assamite] Assamite56[aus] [cel] [OBF] [QUI]LotN:U
Halim Bey[Follower of Set] Follower of Set46[obf] [tha] [DOM] [SER]LotN:PS2
Izhim abd Azrael[Assamite] Assamite59[pot] [CEL] [OBF] [QUI] [THA]LotN:U
Jamal[Assamite] Assamite510[pot] [CEL] [OBF] [PRE] [PRO] [QUI]LotN:U
Jayakumar[Ravnos] Ravnos56[chi] [tha] [ANI] [FOR]LotN:U
Johann Matheson[Ravnos] Ravnos54[ani] [aus] [chi]LotN:U
Kabede Maru[Assamite] Assamite59[abo] [pot] [AUS] [CEL] [OBF] [QUI]LotN:U
Kashan[Assamite] Assamite47[obt] [pre] [CEL] [OBF] [QUI]LotN:PA2
Kay Polerno[Giovanni] Giovanni54[dom] [nec] [pro]LotN:U
Kiradin[Ravnos] Ravnos48[ani] [pot] [CHI] [DEM] [FOR]LotN:PR2
Lady Constancia[Giovanni] Giovanni410[AUS] [DOM] [FOR] [NEC] [POT]LotN:PG2
Layla bint-Nadr[Assamite] Assamite45[qui] [CEL] [OBF]LotN:PA2
Lizette[Ravnos] Ravnos410[pot] [ANI] [CEL] [CHI] [FOR] [PRO]LotN:PR2
Lorenzo Detuono[Giovanni] Giovanni59[aus] [dem] [DOM] [NEC] [POT]LotN:U
Luna Giovanni[Giovanni] Giovanni510[cel] [DOM] [NEC] [OBF] [OBT] [POT]LotN:U
Marcia Felicia Licinia[Ravnos] Ravnos59[dom] [ANI] [CHI] [FOR] [THA]LotN:U
Margaret Milliner[Giovanni] Giovanni45[dom] [for] [nec] [pot] [pre]LotN:PG2
Marla Kenyon[Follower of Set] Follower of Set44[ser] [PRE]LotN:PS2
Monty Coven[Assamite] Assamite58[dom] [for] [pre] [CEL] [OBF] [QUI]LotN:U
Nakhthorheb[Follower of Set] Follower of Set410[OBF] [PRE] [SER]LotN:PS2
Neel Ramanathan[Ravnos] Ravnos43[ani] [for]LotN:PR2
Nunzio Giovanni[Giovanni] Giovanni43[nec] [pot]LotN:PG2
Ogwon[Follower of Set] Follower of Set57[for] [OBF] [PRE] [SER]LotN:U
Paolo Sardenzo[Giovanni] Giovanni57[dom] [pro] [NEC] [POT] [THA]LotN:U
Papa Legba[Ravnos] Ravnos55[ani] [chi] [for] [obt]LotN:U
Pentweret[Follower of Set] Follower of Set59[aus] [for] [obe] [OBF] [PRE] [SER]LotN:U
Phaedyme[Ravnos] Ravnos510[pre] [tha] [ANI] [CHI] [DEM] [FOR]LotN:U
Porphyrion[Follower of Set] Follower of Set59[for] [CHI] [OBF] [PRE] [SER]LotN:U
Primo Giovanni[Giovanni] Giovanni44[dom] [nec] [pot]LotN:PG2
Renenet[Follower of Set] Follower of Set45[ser] [OBF] [PRE]LotN:PS2
Sajid al Misbah[Assamite] Assamite54[QUI]LotN:U
Seterpenre[Follower of Set] Follower of Set510[AUS] [NEC] [OBF] [PRE] [SER]LotN:U
Shemti[Follower of Set] Follower of Set59[vic] [OBF] [POT] [PRE] [SER]LotN:U
Sisocharis[Follower of Set] Follower of Set54[cel] [obf] [pre]LotN:U
Stephen Milliner[Giovanni] Giovanni53[nec] [pre]LotN:U
Sukainah[Assamite] Assamite53[aus] [qui]LotN:U
Sundervere, The Devil Brahmin[Follower of Set] Follower of Set48[obf] [AUS] [PRE] [SER] [THA]LotN:PS2
Thucimia[Assamite] Assamite410[for] [pro] [CEL] [DEM] [OBF] [QUI]LotN:PA2
Vasiliy Vasilevich[Ravnos] Ravnos58[for] [pro] [ANI] [CHI]LotN:U
Vassily Taltos[Ravnos] Ravnos46[aus] [cel] [chi] [dom] [for] [obf]LotN:PR2
Agent of PowerMasterLotN:C, HttB:PSam4
AK-47[Equipment] Equipment5 poolLotN:R
Ambulance[Equipment] Equipment1 poolLotN:R
Amria[Combat] Combat[Chimerstry] ChimerstryFN:C2/PR, LotN:PR2
Apparition[Combat] Combat1 blood[Chimerstry] ChimerstryDS:C2, FN:PR3, LotN:PR4
Approximation of Loyalty[Action Modifier] Action Modifier1 blood[Presence] Presence, capacity 7Gehenna:C, KMW:PAn2, LotN:PS3, KoT:C/PT4
Armor of Vitality[Combat] Combat1 blood[Fortitude] FortitudeLotN:C/PR2, KoT:C/PV4
Army of Apparitions[Reaction] Reaction[Chimerstry] ChimerstryLotN:C/PR
Autonomic Mastery[Combat] Combat[Dominate] DominateLotN:U, HttB:PKia
Baal’s Bloody Talons[Combat] Combat1 blood[Quietus] QuietusKMW:R, LotN:PA
Bang Nakh — Tiger’s Claws[Equipment] Equipment2 poolAppears in 7 sets
Bestow Vigor[Action] Action1 blood[Fortitude] FortitudeLotN:R
Black Sunrise[Reaction] Reaction[Quietus] QuietusKMW:C, LotN:PA3
Black Throne, TheMaster1 pool[Assamite] AssamiteLotN:R
Blithe Acceptance[Action] Action1 blood[Obfuscate] ObfuscateLotN:C/PS2
Blood Awakening[Action Modifier] Action Modifier / [Reaction] Reaction1 blood[Quietus] QuietusLotN:C/PA3
Bloodlust[Action] ActionX blood[Presence] PresenceLotN:R
Brute Force[Combat] Combat[Potence] PotenceLotN:C/PG3, KoT:C/PB6
Bundi[Equipment] Equipment2 poolLotN:C/PG3, KoT:C/PB2
Burden the MindMaster1 poolLotN:C
Call of the Hungry Dead[Action Modifier] Action Modifier[Necromancy] NecromancyFN:C2, LotN:PG3
Camera Phone[Equipment] EquipmentLotN:C/PG2, KoT:C, HttB:PSam3
Can’t Take it with You[Political Action] Political ActionLotN:C, KoT:C/PV3
Carrion Crows[Combat] Combat[Animalism] AnimalismAppears in 9 sets
Cave of ApplesMaster3 pool[Follower of Set] Follower of SetLotN:R
Chair of Hades[Action] Action[Necromancy] NecromancyLotN:R
Charigger, The Axe[Retainer] Retainer[Giovanni] GiovanniLotN:R
Chill of Oblivion[Action] Action[Necromancy] NecromancyBH:R, LotN:PG
ChimerstryMasterDS:C2, FN:PR2, LotN:PR2
Clandestine Contract[Action] Action1 pool[Assamite] Assamite, capacity above 4FN:C2, LotN:PA4
Cloak the Gathering[Action Modifier] Action Modifier[Obfuscate] ObfuscateAppears in 11 sets
Cobra Fangs[Combat] Combat1 blood[Serpentis] SerpentisLotN:R
Cold Aura[Combat] Combat1 blood[Necromancy] NecromancyLotN:C, HttB:PSam2
Command the Legion[Action] ActionX blood[Dominate] DominateLotN:R
Community Justice[Action] ActionindependentLotN:R
Compel the Spirit[Action] Action1 blood[Necromancy] NecromancyDS:U2, FN:PG, LotN:PG
Conceal[Action] Action[Obfuscate] ObfuscateLotN:R
Concealed Weapon[Combat] CombatAppears in 6 sets
Condemn the Sins of the Father[Action] Action1 blood[Quietus] QuietusLotN:R
Conditioning[Action Modifier] Action Modifier1 blood[Dominate] DominateAppears in 8 sets
Confusion of the Eye[Reaction] Reaction[Obfuscate] ObfuscateKMW:C/PG3, LotN:PS3
Crocodile Temple, TheMaster[Follower of Set] Follower of SetKMW:R, LotN:PS
Deed the Heart’s Desire[Action Modifier] Action Modifier1 blood[Quietus] QuietusBH:C, LotN:PA2
Divine Image[Action Modifier] Action Modifier2 blood[Serpentis] SerpentisLotN:U
Divine Sign[Action] Action[Necromancy] NecromancyGehenna:C, LotN:PG2, HttB:PSam
Dominate Kine[Action] Action2 blood[Dominate] DominateAppears in 6 sets
Dragonbound[Event] EventGehenna:R, LotN:PA, HttB:PSal
Dream World[Action] Action[Presence] PresenceLotN:C/PS4
Dummy CorporationMasterAppears in 6 sets
Ecstasy[Reaction] Reaction[Serpentis] SerpentisFN:C2/PS2, KMW:PB2, LotN:PS3
Edged Illusion[Action] Action2 blood[Chimerstry] ChimerstryKMW:C, LotN:PR2
Eluding the Arms of Morpheus[Reaction] Reaction1 bloodLotN:C/PG2/PS2, KoT:C
Enticement[Action] Action[Serpentis] SerpentisFN:C2, KMW:PB, LotN:PS2
Eternal Mask, The[Action] Action1 blood[Serpentis] SerpentisLotN:C
Eternals of Sirius, TheMaster4 poolLotN:U
Ex Nihilo[Action] Action1 blood[Necromancy] NecromancyFN:R2, LotN:PG
Eyes of Blades[Combat] Combat[Auspex] Auspex & [Celerity] CelerityLotN:R
False Resonance[Action Modifier] Action Modifier1 blood[Chimerstry] ChimerstryLotN:C
Fantasy World[Action] Action2 blood[Chimerstry] ChimerstryLotN:R
Fata Amria[Combat] Combat / [Reaction] Reaction1 blood[Chimerstry] ChimerstryFN:R2, LotN:PR
Fata Morgana[Action Modifier] Action Modifier1 blood[Chimerstry] ChimerstryDS:C2, FN:PR4, LotN:PR4
Fatuus Mastery[Action] Action[Chimerstry] ChimerstryKMW:C, LotN:PR2
Fillip[Reaction] ReactionLotN:C/PR2
Flesh Bond[Combat] Combat1 blood[Animalism] AnimalismLotN:C
Flurry of Action[Action] Action[Celerity] CelerityGehenna:C, KMW:PG2, Third:C, LotN:PA2, KoT:C
Forced March[Action Modifier] Action Modifier[Celerity] Celerity & [Fortitude] FortitudeKMW:C/PAn2, LoB:PI4, LotN:PR
Forced Vigilance[Reaction] Reaction1 blood[Fortitude] FortitudeSoC:C, LotN:PR2, KoT:C
Forearm Block[Combat] CombatLotN:C
Forger’s Hammer[Action Modifier] Action Modifier[Potence] PotenceThird:U, LotN:PG
Form of Corruption[Action] Action[Serpentis] SerpentisAH:R2, FN:PS, KMW:PB, LotN:PS
Fortune Teller ShopMaster2 pool[Ravnos] RavnosDS:C2, FN:PR, LotN:PR
Foul Blood[Reaction] Reaction1 blood[Quietus] QuietusAH:U5, FN:PA, LotN:PA2
Freak Drive[Action Modifier] Action Modifier1 blood[Fortitude] FortitudeAppears in 9 sets
Free States Rant[Political Action] Political ActionindependentFN:C2, Anarchs:PAB2, KMW:PAn3, LotN:PA
Frontal AssaultMasterThird:U, LotN:PA, KoT:U
Garrote[Equipment] Equipment1 poolFN:C/PA, Third:C, LotN:PA2
Gemini’s Mirror[Combat] Combat1 blood[Obfuscate] ObfuscateBH:C, LotN:PA3
Giant’s BloodMasterAppears in 7 sets
Gramle[Action] Action1 poolLotN:C
Graverobbing[Action] Action[Dominate] DominateAppears in 8 sets
Haqim’s Law: JudgmentMaster[Assamite] AssamiteKMW:R, LotN:PA
Haqim’s Law: Leadership[Action] Action[Assamite] AssamiteLotN:C/PA
Harass[Action] ActionAppears in 7 sets
Hard Case[Reaction] Reaction1 blood[Fortitude] FortitudeLotN:R
Heart’s Desire[Action Modifier] Action Modifier1 blood[Auspex] Auspex & [Chimerstry] ChimerstryLotN:C/PR
Hide the Mind[Action Modifier] Action Modifier / [Combat] Combat[Obfuscate] ObfuscateLotN:R
Hierophant[Political Action] Political Action[Follower of Set] Follower of SetKMW:C, LotN:PS
Ignis Fatuus[Reaction] Reaction1 blood[Chimerstry] ChimerstryDS:C2, FN:PR2, LotN:PR4
Immortal Grapple[Combat] Combat[Potence] PotenceAppears in 10 sets
Indomitability[Combat] Combat[Fortitude] FortitudeAppears in 6 sets
Inspire Greatness[Action Modifier] Action Modifier1 blood[Potence] Potence & [Presence] PresenceLoB:C, LotN:PG
Instinctive Reaction[Reaction] Reaction[Animalism] AnimalismGehenna:C, LoB:PA3, Third:C, LotN:PR3, KoT:C
Into Thin Air[Action Modifier] Action Modifier[Obfuscate] ObfuscateLotN:C/PS2, KoT:C/PM6
Jack of Both Sides[Action] Action1 bloodGehenna:C, Third:PTz, LotN:PG2
Jericho Founding[Political Action] Political Actionnon-camarillaLotN:C
Jones, The[Combat] Combat[Serpentis] SerpentisFN:C2/PS2, LotN:PS3
Karavalanisha Vrana[Equipment] Equipment2 pool[Ravnos] RavnosLotN:R
Khabar: Glory[Action] Action[Assamite] AssamiteKMW:C, LotN:PA
Khabar: Honor, The[Combat] Combat[Assamite] AssamiteAH:V3, FN:PA2, LotN:PA2
Khazar’s Diary (Endless Night)[Action] Action[Giovanni] GiovanniLotN:C
Khobar Towers, Al-KhubarMaster2 pool[Follower of Set] Follower of SetFN:R2, LotN:PS
Kpist m/45[Equipment] Equipment3 poolLotN:U
KRCG News RadioMaster2 poolAppears in 6 sets
KumpaniaMaster1 pool[Ravnos] RavnosLotN:R
Lesser BoonMasterLotN:R
Leverage[Action Modifier] Action ModifierLotN:C/PR2, KoT:C
Loss[Action] Action1 blood[Quietus] QuietusLotN:C/PA3
Lost in Translation[Reaction] Reaction2 bloodLotN:C/PA
Majesty[Combat] Combat1 blood[Presence] PresenceAppears in 7 sets
Malajit Chandramouli[Retainer] Retainer1 poolnon-camarillaLotN:R
Mantle of the Moon[Action Modifier] Action Modifier4 blood[Ravnos] RavnosLotN:U
Market SquareMaster1 pool[Assamite] AssamiteAH:U5, FN:PA, LotN:PA
Mask of a Thousand Faces[Action Modifier] Action Modifier[Obfuscate] ObfuscateAppears in 7 sets
Mayaparisatya[Combat] Combat2 blood[Chimerstry] ChimerstryBH:C, LotN:PR2
Mental Maze[Reaction] Reaction1 blood[Obfuscate] ObfuscateLotN:C/PS2
Mercury’s Arrow[Combat] Combat1 blood[Celerity] CelerityLotN:C
Mesu Bedshet[Action] Action1 blood[Follower of Set] Follower of SetLotN:C/PS
Mirror Image[Action Modifier] Action Modifier / [Combat] Combat1 blood[Chimerstry] ChimerstryFN:C2/PR, LotN:PR2
Mirror’s Visage[Action Modifier] Action Modifier1 blood[Chimerstry] ChimerstryLotN:R
Mokolé Blood[Equipment] Equipment1 pool[Follower of Set] Follower of SetLotN:R
Morgue Hunting GroundMaster2 pool[Giovanni] GiovanniDS:C2, FN:PG, LotN:PG
Murmur of the False Will[Action Modifier] Action Modifier / [Reaction] Reaction[Dominate] DominateLotN:C/PG4, KoT:C/PV5, HttB:PKia4
Narrow Minds[Event] EventLotN:R
NecromancyMasterDS:C2, FN:PG2, LotN:PG
Nephren-Ka[Ally] Ally3 pool[Follower of Set] Follower of SetLotN:R
Nest of Eagles[Reaction] Reaction[Assamite] AssamiteLotN:C/PA2
Nightmare Curse[Action] Action2 blood[Auspex] Auspex & [Chimerstry] ChimerstryBL:R1, LotN:PR
Nightstick[Equipment] Equipment1 poolLotN:U
Occlusion[Action Modifier] Action Modifier / [Combat] Combat[Chimerstry] ChimerstryGehenna:C, LotN:PR4
Omael Kuman[Retainer] Retainer1 pool[Assamite] AssamiteLotN:R
Open Dossier[Reaction] Reaction1 bloodLotN:C
Opium DenMaster1 pool[Follower of Set] Follower of SetAH:C2, FN:PS, LotN:PS
Owl Companion[Retainer] Retainer[Animalism] AnimalismAppears in 10 sets
Park Hunting GroundMaster2 pool[Ravnos] RavnosDS:C2, FN:PR, LotN:PR
Path of Blood, TheMaster1 pool[Assamite] AssamiteAH:C2, FN:PA, LotN:PA2
Path of Bone, TheMaster1 pool[Giovanni] GiovanniFN:R2, LotN:PG2
Path of Paradox, TheMaster1 pool[Ravnos] RavnosFN:R2, LotN:PR2
Permanent Vacation[Political Action] Political ActionLotN:R
Poison the Well of Life[Action] Action[Quietus] QuietusLotN:R
Possession[Action] Action2 blood[Necromancy] NecromancyDS:C2, FN:PG2, LotN:PG
Powerbase: SavannahMasterLotN:R
Powerbase: ZürichMasterLotN:R
Precision[Action] Action[Celerity] CelerityLotN:R
Preternatural Strength[Action] Action1 blood[Potence] PotenceLotN:R
Promise of 1528[Action Modifier] Action Modifier / [Reaction] Reaction[Giovanni] GiovanniLotN:U
Provision of the Silsila[Action Modifier] Action Modifier / [Reaction] Reaction[Assamite] AssamiteFN:R2, LotN:PA
Proxy KissedMaster[Giovanni] GiovanniKMW:C, LotN:PG2
Pseudo-Blindness[Reaction] Reaction1 blood[Chimerstry] ChimerstryFN:C2, LotN:PR2
Public Trust[Action] Action1 blood[Presence] PresenceLotN:C/PS2, KoT:C/PB3/PT6
Pursuit[Combat] Combat[Celerity] CelerityAppears in 10 sets
Quick Jab[Combat] CombatLotN:C
QuietusMasterAH:C2, FN:PA2, LotN:PA
Raven Spy[Retainer] Retainer1 blood[Animalism] AnimalismAppears in 9 sets
Ravnos CarnivalMaster1 pool[Ravnos] RavnosAH:R2, FN:PR, LotN:PR
Reckless Agitation[Political Action] Political Action2 bloodindependent,capacity above 4LotN:C/PG3
Resist Earth’s Grasp[Action Modifier] Action Modifier / [Combat] Combat1 blood[Celerity] CelerityLotN:C/PA2, KoT:C/PB5
Resume the Coil[Action] Action[Necromancy] NecromancyLotN:R
Retain the Quick Blood[Action] Action[Celerity] Celerity & [Quietus] QuietusLotN:R
Revelation of Desire[Action Modifier] Action Modifier[Serpentis] SerpentisGehenna:C, LotN:PS3
Revelation of Despair[Reaction] Reaction[Serpentis] SerpentisKMW:C, LotN:PS3
Revelation of Ecstasy[Action] Action[Serpentis] SerpentisLotN:C/PS4
Revelation of Wrath[Combat] Combat[Serpentis] SerpentisKMW:R, LotN:PS
Rooftop Shadow[Reaction] Reaction1 blood[Celerity] CelerityBH:C, Third:C, LotN:PA3
Sargon Fragment, The[Equipment] Equipment1 poolFN:R2, LotN:PG
Scorpion’s Touch[Combat] Combat1 blood[Quietus] QuietusFN:C2, LotN:PA4
Secure HavenMaster1 poolAppears in 6 sets
Selective Silence[Combat] Combat[Quietus] QuietusKMW:C, LotN:PA4
Sense the Savage Way[Reaction] Reaction[Animalism] Animalism, capacity above 6LotN:C, KoT:C
SerpentisMasterAH:C2, FN:PS2, KMW:PB2, LotN:PS
Set’s Curse[Action] Action2 blood[Serpentis] SerpentisLotN:R
Shadow Feint[Combat] Combat1 blood[Celerity] Celerity & [Obfuscate] ObfuscateBL:U2, KMW:PG2, LotN:PA
Shambling Hordes[Ally] Ally3 blood[Necromancy] NecromancyFN:C2, LotN:PG4
Sheepdog[Action] ActionLotN:R
Shell Break[Action] Action[Giovanni] GiovanniLotN:C
Shroudsight[Action Modifier] Action Modifier[Necromancy] NecromancyLotN:C
Siphon[Action] ActionGehenna:C, LotN:PG
Skin of Night[Combat] Combat[Fortitude] FortitudeJyhad:U, VTES:U, CE:U, Anarchs:PG2, LotN:PR2
Slam[Combat] Combat1 blood[Potence] PotenceLotN:C/PG2, KoT:C/PB4, HttB:PGar4
Soak[Combat] Combat[Fortitude] FortitudeGehenna:C, KMW:PAn2/PG2, LotN:PR3, KoT:C/PV6, HttB:PGar4/PSam2
Songs of the Distant Vitae[Action] Action[Quietus] QuietusGehenna:C, LotN:PA
Soul Feasting[Action] Action[Necromancy] NecromancyLotN:R
Spectral Divination[Action Modifier] Action Modifier / [Reaction] Reaction1 blood[Necromancy] NecromancyDS:C2, FN:PG3, LotN:PG4
Spell of Life[Action] Action[Follower of Set] Follower of SetLotN:C
Spying Mission[Action Modifier] Action Modifier[Obfuscate] ObfuscateAppears in 7 sets
Street Cred[Combat] Combat1 blood[Potence] PotenceLotN:C
Strike at the True Flesh[Combat] Combat[Quietus] QuietusLotN:C
Sudario Refraction[Action] Action[Giovanni] GiovanniKMW:R, LotN:PG
Summoning, The[Action] Action[Presence] PresenceFN:C2, LotN:PS, KoT:C
SvadharmaMaster[Ravnos] RavnosKMW:C, LotN:PR2
Swallowed by the Night[Action Modifier] Action Modifier / [Combat] Combat[Obfuscate] ObfuscateAppears in 8 sets
Swiss CutMaster[Giovanni] GiovanniLotN:R
Sympathetic Agony[Combat] Combat[Chimerstry] Chimerstry & [Fortitude] FortitudeLotN:R
TajdidMaster[Assamite] AssamiteFN:R2, LotN:PA
Talith[Equipment] Equipment[Ravnos] RavnosLotN:U/PR
Target Hand[Combat] CombatLotN:R
Target Head[Combat] CombatLotN:R
Target Leg[Combat] CombatLotN:R
Target Vitals[Combat] CombatLotN:U, HttB:PSal3, Anthology:P3
Taste of Death[Combat] Combat1 blood[Quietus] QuietusAH:C2, FN:PA4, LotN:PA3
Taste of Vitae[Combat] CombatAppears in 10 sets
Temple Hunting GroundMaster2 pool[Follower of Set] Follower of SetAH:C2, FN:PS, LotN:PS
Temptation[Action] Action1 blood[Serpentis] SerpentisAH:R2, FN:PS, KMW:PB, LotN:PS3
Therbold RealtyMasterLotN:R
Torn Signpost[Combat] Combat[Potence] PotenceAppears in 10 sets
Treasured Samadji[Equipment] Equipment1 pool[Ravnos] RavnosFN:R2, LotN:PR
Trochomancy[Action Modifier] Action Modifier[Auspex] Auspex & [Necromancy] NecromancyLotN:C
Trophy: LibraryMasterLotN:R
Trophy: No QuestionsMasterLotN:R
Trophy: ReveredMasterLotN:R
True Love’s Face[Action Modifier] Action Modifier[Obfuscate] Obfuscate & [Presence] PresenceKMW:C, LotN:PS4
Truth of a Thousand Lies[Action Modifier] Action Modifier2 blood[Serpentis] SerpentisKMW:C, LotN:PS2
Truth of Blood[Action] Action[Auspex] Auspex & [Quietus] QuietusLoB:C, LotN:PA
Tutu the Doubly Evil One (Bane Mummy)[Ally] Ally4 pool[Follower of Set] Follower of SetFN:R2, LotN:PS
Tye Cooper[Ally] Ally3 pool[Giovanni] GiovanniLotN:R
Underbridge Stray[Ally] Ally1 blood[Animalism] AnimalismLotN:U, HttB:PSam
Underworld Hunting GroundMaster2 pool[Assamite] AssamiteAH:C2, FN:PA, LotN:PA
Undying Tenacity[Combat] Combat[Fortitude] FortitudeLotN:C, KoT:C
Unholy Penance[Combat] Combat1 blood[Presence] PresenceLotN:C/PS3
Urban Jungle[Event] EventLotN:R
Veil the Legions[Action Modifier] Action Modifier[Obfuscate] ObfuscateSoC:C, LotN:PS2, KoT:C/PM4, HttB:PSam4
VesselMaster1 poolLotN:PA2/PG2/PR2/PS2, KoT:PB2/PM2/PT2/PV2, HttB:PKia/PSal2/PSam2
Warrant[Political Action] Political ActionLotN:C/PG
WashMasterThird:U, LotN:PS, KoT:U
Web of Knives Recruit[Action] Action1 pool[Assamite] AssamiteKMW:C, LotN:PA2
Week of NightmaresMaster[Ravnos] RavnosFN:R, LotN:PR
Weighted Walking Stick[Combat] CombatCE:U, Third:U, LotN:PA3, KoT:U/PB3
Whispers from the Dead[Action] Action1 blood[Necromancy] NecromancyAH:C2, FN:PG2, LotN:PG2
Will-o’-the-Wisp[Action Modifier] Action ModifierX blood[Chimerstry] ChimerstryLotN:R
WMRH Talk RadioMaster1 poolBH:R, LotN:PS
Zapaderin[Action Modifier] Action Modifier1 blood[Ravnos] RavnosLotN:C/PR2