Not trending vampires who are really strong

Hi, my name is Kiderak and I spend tons of hours thinking about new decks.

Some time ago, i felt so pissed off about playing “star” vampires. For sure they are strong options who can carry you on a game… but, most of the times, you will be the main target for all acridity cards on the table (Pentex, Sensory, Haven Uncovered and for sure another Pentex). Probably you know what i mean if you usually play Arika, Lutz, Stanislava, Unnamed, Enkidu, Lucian the Perfect one, Miss Fanchon, Mr. Hoherzollern, Alonso Petrodon, Goratrix, or another “good” guy.

This is why i want to talk about some other vampires who are ‘maybe’ not popular as the Stars are:

Strohman: 9-cap, dom ANI OBF POT THA. Archbishop. +1 bleed. Auspex Reactions cost one more blood while he is acting.

I love this guy… tons of possibilities… Rush with ANI POT? (taunt, deepsong, preternatural, drawing, immortal). Blocker Sabbat-ANI? (ravens, sense, undersiege, abbot, eternal vigilance). Obvious stealth bleed… access to Thaumaturgy evil cards (who said Rutors?).

Carolina Valez: 9-cap,  aus DOM OBT POT PRE. Archbishop. Immune to damage from allies and retainers (usefull these late nights).

Politics and/or bleed (show of force, iron glare, condikilling), stealth, combat… i definitively like her.

Gabrielle di Righetti: 10-cap,  obf pot ANI AUS DOM THA. Justicar. Can Steal 2 blood from a minion as a +1s action.

Okay, maybe she is not an unknown crypt card, but this is my intent to declare she is totally awesome for more than the obvious two reasons. Extremely blocker (sense, argus, second tradition and you don’t need anymore, maybe some magic of the smith on the blocker stuff bowl of sniper-banshee-heart of kevlar vest cheating). One of the best built-in actions on the game.

Ladislas Toth, the Torch: 7-cap, for AUS DOM THA. Archbishop.

Archbishop of who cares! Seven cap with all that stuff. In my opinion he fits with Polly-Kay, Mr. Foster and why not… Saulot.

Klaus Konrecht: 8-cap, for pot AUS CEL PRE. Cardinal.

Again, pretty strong disciplines with a strong title for “only” eight cap. Acces to Auspex with for-disarm, Auspex with CEL guns, Presence bleed/votes. Tons of fun all around.

Sarrasine (adv): 8-cap, aus nec OBF PRE SER. Prince. If advanced, put 1 corruption on prey minion per turn.

Pre-obf prince, pre-ser new cards (gazes and kisses). Totally awesome text if you manage to merge him. What if u play him with a merged kemintiri  or Amisa.

Velya, The Flayer: 9-cap, for ANI AUS PRE VIC. Cardinal. Once each combat she can discard one Auspex card to get a press.

Again, multiple good disciplines, awesome title and a nice text. Carrion crows + Telepatic tracking? You can discard it for press without pay cost. You can also discard all that stuck auspex in your hand. And i’ve still not mentioned the VIC…

Dr. John Dee: 9-cap, chi ANI AUS DOM THA. Prince. Ventrue cannot s:ce and during any referendum he can discard a Tha card to get +2 votes.

Same as Righetti, brute blocker options and a nice text. What if i tell you he groups with her? 😀

Marino Reymundo Vasquez: 9-cap, ani AUS DOM NEC THA. Archbishop. +1 bleed.

Just good. Multiple ways…

Rebekah: 9-cap, AUS CEL DOM OBF QUI. Prince. She can discard one aus card to get 2 votes.

5 good disciplines at superior, prince and move-hand text. Good girl =)


There are few more I-am-not-a-star-but-I-can-kick-your-ass crypt options. Send us your favourite ones at

Arnau Diez Sans

Author: Arnau Diez Sans


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