One day one deck nº3: Kiasyd Stealth&Bleed

The typical Kiasyds deck is the Stealth & bleed deck that I will talk about today. There are usually few variations beyond personal variations (bonding, gremlins, etc.).

Be careful because it is worth mentioning that not always that you see a kiasyd it will be a B&S deck, there is some marginal version of combat or blocker.

The deck of Kiasyd Stealth & Bleed is effective for combining several aspects of perfection:

· Clan disciplines oriented to bleed (DOM) and stealth (OBT and MITH).

· Crypt of relatively low cost that allows to act fast.

· Defends relatively well against attacks in combat.

The five aliens that combine perfectly are Arcadian, Isanwayen, Dame Holerton, Omme and Roderick. The last two are, in my opinion, the two worst in the crypt.

For the library there are many options but more than 70 cards are usually played. The most significant letters are the following:

· Song of Pan: +1 bleed to each kiasyd is quite strong. Watch out for the second part of the card text.

· Govern / Gremlins + Conditioning / Bonding module.

· Nocturn: an ephemeral ally that acts as a bleed of a small defense against a rush.

· Very powerful clan cards: Great Symposium and Fae Contortion (cancel grapples!)

If you are going to play Kyasid’s deck, your strategy is to get the biggest minion and use it to use Govern the Unaligned to superior and get more cheap minions. Use the nocturnal to defend yourself when necessary or to bleed as required. When you have 3 minions make your prey fly away.

The best way to stop that deck is to try to stop the initial Governs, torporize their vampires or try to deflect their bleeds, nothing you can not guess.

Here my version of the deck (which they admitted to the Amaranth quickstart deck list):

Library: (70 cards)
 Master (11 cards)
   1  Anarch Troublemaker
   3  Dreams of the Sphinx
   1  Giant's Blood
   1  Great Symposium
   1  Perfectionist
   1  Secure Haven
   3  Wash
 Action (11 cards)
   8  Govern the Unaligned
   3  Song of Pan
 Action Modifier (26 cards)
   2  Blanket of Night
   4  Command of the Beast
   6  Conditioning
   1  Foreshadowing Destruction
   4  Shadow Play
   3  Shroud of Absence
   2  Shroud of Night
   3  Stone Travel
   1  Tenebrous Form
 Reaction (3 cards)
   3  Deflection
 Combat (4 cards)
   2  Arms of the Abyss
   2  Oubliette
 Ally (7 cards)
   1  Carlton Van Wyk
   6  Nocturn
 Event (1 cards)
   1  Bitter and Sweet Story, The
 Combo (7 cards)
   3  Aura Absorption
   4  Fae Contortion

Tomorrow I will talk about a pain in the ass: The weenie of auspex.

Author: Gatocion

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