Spanish League 2023-2024

Methuselahs! The regional leagues have already begun, and as a result, we now have players in the Spanish league 23-24 rankings.

Spanish league? Is this something new? Yes, it is!

You can check the league rules here, but I’ll provide a brief summary of the essentials. This year, we have 7 regional leagues: Andalusia, Levante, Mallorca, Northeast League, Northwest League, Madrid, and Catalonia. The princes of each region have proposed a tournament schedule for this season, and BCP has blessed us with promo cards for the leagues. For now, the princes already know about the first five promos, which will be distributed during the first five rounds of the leagues (in some leagues with fewer rounds, there may be two promos in one tournament, so no worries, all cards will reach the entire territory).

So, the tournaments in each round of each regional league will contribute to the Spanish league ranking (which you can check here). But this year, we’ve added an exciting rule: the points you earn in tournaments played away from ‘home’ will be multiplied the farther you have traveled! (Check the rules for more details).

Furthermore, there will be a promo that won’t be distributed during any league round; you can only obtain it by participating in a tournament from another regional league. So, there’s no excuse to stay at home anymore!

We would like to express our gratitude to the wonderful group of volunteers from Asturias who will take care of the daily maintenance of the rankings. You can get more information by asking your prince!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that the winner of the league will hold the title of Spanish Archon until the end of the next league, in addition to the exclusive prize, which we won’t reveal for now.”

Author: Arnau Diez Sans

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