Braindead Style

Today I’m sharing with you a couple of my most braindead combos … And believe me when I say that i have more combos of that style. These two in particular are based on stealing the vampire of another metuselah.

Spirit Diamond

It’s based in steal a vampire with spirit marionnete during the turn of another player, (Saulot or Nahum Enosh with Enkil Cog). At the end of the hunting or bleed action, when you have to return the stolen vampire to its rightful owner, you have to play a diamond thunderbold and check the faces of the other players at the table.

Diamond Tunderbolt, The
Master: out-of-turn.
Only when control of a vampire you control is about to change or when a vampire control is about to enter combat. Control of that vampire does not change, and that vampire gains 1 blood.

Lorenzo’s Illusions

This was one of my obsessions in 2016. It’s about blocking a vampire (it does not work if you’re acting), play a illusions of the kindred and get luck on Lorenzo Detuono coming out, who will kindly send torpor to the vampire we’ve locked (burning wrath, or whatever). At that time we use Lorenzo’s special ability to steal the enemy vampire forever (we can amaranth to win blood and pay for the ability, the vampire acting will still be stolen).

Illusions of the Kindred
(chi) Combat ends. Move the bottom card of your crypt to your ready region. He or she does not answer any other minions or titles in play. The vampire has an amount of blood equal to half of his or her capacity (round down). Combat begins between the vampire and the opposing minion. Remove the crypt card from the game at the end of combat.
(CHI) As above, but the vampire has an amount of blood equal to his or her capacity.
Lorenzo Detuono
aus dem DOM NEC POT
Capacity: 9
Group: 5
Independent. Red List: If Lorenzo is ready at the end of combat and the opposing minion is not, Lorenzo may burn 5 blood to move the opposing minion to your ready region (with 1 life for an ally with no life) instead.

I hope you have enjoyed this two evil combos and let me know if you want more crazy braindead combos!

Author: Arnau Diez Sans

3 thoughts on “Braindead Style

  1. More of these combos please .. my (rule) question, if you have played Diamond Thunderbolt, is the change of control (or lack thereof) permanent?

  2. I don’t think Spirit Diamond works: if you go to the Amaranth website and look at the rulings for the Diamond Thunderbolt, it says: “Will not extend temporary change of control effects when they expire.”

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